2011 Title Odds

Since the 2010 season is over, it’s only natural to turn our eye to the teams Vegas think will win the 2011 championship. If you’re into sports betting you will definitely want to check to see the favorites:

Duke +600

Michigan State +900

Purdue +1000

Kentucky +1500

Ohio State +1500

Kansas +2000

North Carolina +2000

Villanova +2000

Field +5000

Taking a quick peek, I would stay far away from Ohio State and Kentucky. Michigan State seems like the best bet to me, but if you really want to get nuts, Baylor at +4000 looks nice, as does Wisconsin +4000

In any event next year should be an odd year in college bball, and betting on a title team now won’t be advantageous. I think I’ll stick to football betting


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Bigtime Site News

Ladies and gentlemen, the day has come. We have moved.

Check out our new site, now part of the Bloguin network, here.

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The NCAA Does Something Smart?

Have you always wanted to watch the end of the 2008 National Championship game? Or that epic Arizona-Illinois Elite 8 in 2005? Or hear Gus Johnson scream in the UCLA-Gonzaga game?

Well now you can. Thanks to this site, you can watch any Sweet 16 game or later from 2000 on.

Enjoy, bitches.

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An Interview By One Of Our Own

Since there’s really nothing going on today, I thought I would direct you to Ridiculous Upside, SB Nation’s blog about the NBA D League, where I interviewed former Kansas Jayhawk and current D-Leaguer Russ Robinson.

You can check the interview out here.


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Nothin’ But ‘Net

Nothin’ but ‘net is our ever so often look at what’s going on around the internet. Enjoy.

This is a great cause, and I’ll probably have more about it in the coming days: Love College Hoops… Beat Cancer Week is next week. (National Association of Basketball Coaches)

What’s been wrong with Florida since those back-to-back titles? (Sparty and Friends)

DeMarcus Cousins tells fans to call him… after they’d been calling him all week and bombarding his cell phone. (Buster Sports)

Your National Player of the Year: Evan Turner… according to a straw poll of 50 voters from around the nation. (RTC)

We all know SC wants Steve Lavin to coach DePaul, but could we see Billy Gillispie there instead? (CBS2)

A couple of bracketology links for your viewing pleasure:

– From ESPN’s Joe Lunardi (ESPN)

– And one courtesy of Blogging the Bracket. (Blogging the Bracket)

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Beadlemania Top 25

1. Kansas (3)

2. Kentucky

3. Syracuse

4. Purdue

5. Kansas State

6. Villanova

7. Duke

8. West Virginia

9. Ohio State

10. Georgetown

11. Michigan State

12. Wisconsin

13. BYU

14. Butler

15. New Mexico

16. Texas

17. Tennessee

18. Vanderbilt

19. Pitt

20. Gonzaga

21. Xavier

22. Virginia Tech

23. Texas A&M

24. Baylor

25. Temple

Also receiving votes: Wake Forest, Cornell


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Steve Lavin’s Hair Greases the Broken Wheel

Since 2003, the floor at Pauley Pavilion hasn’t been quite so shiny.  They are currently preparing a Zamboni for the arrival of a savior in Rosemont, Illinois.  (where?)

Lavin, who took some other guy’s players to a 2001 Pac-10 Coach of the Year award at UCLA, hasn’t graced a sideline since 2003.  Lavin was one season away from returning UCLA to glory (source redacted)  What has this new Blue Demon excited about Lav’s interest is his that greasy mop situated on top of that massive, basketball knowledge vault (may or may not be true).

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