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Welcome everyone to Beadlemaniacs, a site covering primarily college basketball, with a side of whatever we want to talk about. Why Beadlemaniacs? Well it started watching ESPN’s SportsNation and the growing obsession with co-host Michelle Beadle. Co-proprietor of the blog Tomas Verde came up with Beadlemania (like Beatlemania, get it?) and if you look closely, our banner even resembles the Beatles logo.

For full disclosure, I am not a Beatles fan. In fact, I think they’re the most overrated band of all time. But, I do hope our blog will be as popular as they were.

Stick around, as leading up to the college basketball season we’ll be previewing conferences, teams, players and coaches, starting with a post I did for Sparty and Friends on the preseason player of the year. Hopefully this will turn into your one stop shop for all things college basketball, with maybe some NBA mixed in as well (although I’ll probably be staying away). At the top of the blog, we’ll make sure to post links to other blogs we write, our twitter pages, and some sort of commenter code of conduct. Thanks for reading.


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