2009 SEC All-Name Team

The All-Name Team will be a reoccurring feature here at Beadlemaniacs. How often it will run remains to be seen, but rest assured, by the time the season is over an All-Name team for each conference will be unveiled. Each edition of the All-Name Team will consists solely of a starting five. With the 2009-10 NCAA basketball season tipping off tonight, we bring to you the SEC’s All-Name Team.


A mighty rebel hunter, or a fool? Either way, it's an awesome name.

G – Nimrod Tishman, Florida – He’s listed as Rod Tishman, but the 6’5″ guard out of Israel’s full name is Nimrod, which is beyond awesome. But apparently his name in Hebrew means “rebel” and comes from the Old Testament, where Nimrod is a renowned hunter, the great-grandson of Noah and the founder of Babylon. Or, you know, you could go with the modern day definition of his name: a silly, foolish or slow-witted person. NIMROD!

G – Ebuka Anyaorah, Georgia – I probably can’t even pronounce this kid’s name on the first try, which means the 6’4″ freshman guard out of Suwanee, GA. definitely qualifies for the SEC’s 2009 All-Name Team.

G – Dee Bost, Mississippi State – Dee Bost. More like THE BOSS, or as Rick Ross would say, he’s Dee biggest Bost that we’ve seen thus far. Yeah, that was a horrible pun, I know, but it’s the reason I decided to put Bost on the All-Name Team.

F – Storm Warren, LSU – Storm is a 6’7″ sophomore out of Monroe, LA. He averaged 2 points per game and about 2 rebounds per game as a freshman. But with a name like Storm, and playing in the Bayou and that close to New Orleans, it just seems like a perfect fit. Too soon? Anyways, here is an artist’s rendering of what Storm Warren looks like, except I imagine he is wearing purple and gold and a pair of high tops.

C – Ifeanyi Festus Ezeli-Ndelue, Vanderbilt – I dare you to say his name five times fast. You can’t, can you? That’s a sure-fire litmus test for whether or not a player qualifies for the All-Name team, and Festus, as he is better known as certainly qualifies. The 6’11” center from Nigeria averaged nearly 4 points and 2 boards last season in just 12 minutes off the bench, and will be looking to improve on those numbers this season.


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