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The Akron Hammer

The Akron Hammer?

The 2009-10 Akron Hammer - Photo Credit to Alyssa Cushman of The Buchtelite

Since the namesake of this site, Michelle Beadle, has penned the nickname¬† “The Akron Hammer” for the NBA’s LeBron James, we thought it would only be fitting to give that very nickname to a college basketball player. You know, since this is a college basketball-centric blog.

So for the 2009-10 season, I would like to nominate Brett McKnight of… you guessed it, the University of Akron. McKnight, a junior, is a 6’5″ forward out of Lancaster, Ohio. He led the team in scoring last year with 11.4 points per game and was named the MAC Sixth Man of the Year in 2008-09.

McKnight really established himself last season when he broke out for 29 points against rival Kent State, and established himself as a serious post presence for the Zips. During that game, he scored 15 points in the first half… in just 8 minutes of playing time. That is just one of the reasons why I nominate McKnight to be dubbed The Akron Hammer of college basketball this season. It also helps that he plays for Akron.

However, if any of you readers have other nominations, or any qualms with this selection, feel free to drop some nominees in the comment section — and make a compelling argument for your nominee–¬† and we might reconsider this year’s Akron Hammer.



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Site of The Day: You Already Know

Today’s site of the day belong to — drum roll please — us. Yes, that is correct, Beadlemaniacs is today’s site of the day. Why? Because SportsNation selected us as their site of the day today, and Michelle Beadle said she was flattered by our site. Also, she said she’s a bit narcissistic, so why not follow up with a bit of narcissism of our own and name ourselves the site of the day.

It’s an added bonus that the YouTube clip they uploaded says we are their favorite site of the day yet. Winners? That would be us. Thanks again to SportsNation for the recognition today, and we hope you all enjoy the site of the day.


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Preseason First Team All-Americans

I hesitate to call this our first team All-Americans, since this post is a solo effort and I don’t want to speak for my co-authors Tomas Verde and SouvenirCity. But, that’s pretty much what I’m going to do. If they have any objections you’ll hear from them I’m sure.

For the record, the AP All-American team was Sherron Collins (Kansas), Kyle Singler (Duke), Luke Harangody (Notre Dame), Patrick Patterson (Kentucky) and Cole Aldrich (Kansas).

My picks:

1. Cole Aldrich, Kansas

Cole is the easiest player on the list to peg. I’ve already gone through Cole’s candidacy in my Preseason Player of the Year post.

2. Kyle Singler, Duke

I love Singler. He is a good but not great shooter (54.9 TS%), and rebounds pretty well considering he is a guard (10.4% off., 17% def.) and he draws 4.9 fouls per 40 minutes, again good for a perimeter player. Add in the fact that he is a tall guy who can play inside and outside, and doesn’t wear down throughout the year, and you have an All-American. Continue reading


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