2009 Big Ten All-Name Team

The All-Name Team will be a reoccurring feature here at Beadlemaniacs. How often it will run remains to be seen, but rest assured, by the time the season is over an All-Name team for each conference will be unveiled. Each edition of the All-Name Team will consists solely of a starting five. Sticking with the Big Ten theme today, I present you the 2009 Big Ten All-Name Team.

Dallas Lauderdale

Dallas Lauderdale is certainly jacked up about making the Big Ten All-Name Team.

I’m not going to lie, picking the Big Ten’s All-Name Team was much more difficult than picking the SEC’s,because there were quite a few worthy names to choose from. Sadly, not all of them can make the starting five, so I have to give credit to the parents of all these Big Ten’ers for coming up with some original names.

G – Wquinton Smith, Wisonsin – This 5’10” guard hails from Milwaukee and makes this list solely because his parents had the gall to spell his name with a W followed by a Q. I call those style points.

G – Cully Payne, Iowa – SouvenirCity will be glad to see one of his Iowa boys make the All-Name Team, I’m sure. Cully, a freshman from Schaumburg, Ill., makes the team because his name is incredibly cool to say. Go on, say it, I’ll wait. Was I right?

G – E’Twuan Moore, Purdue – One sure-fire way to get a nod for the All-Name Team is to have an apostrophe in the middle of your name, and that’s just what Purdue’s E’Twuan Moore has. Bonus points for having two capital letters in the first name.

F – Dallas Lauderdale, Ohio State – This forward out of Solon, Ohio, sounds more like a flight from Texas to South Florida than a basketball player. And being from the South Florida region, you know I couldn’t resist adding this guy to the All-Name Team. I mean really now, his name is two cities; that’s like having two first names as your full name.

C – Zisis Sarikopoulos, Ohio State – The Buckeyes’ center out of Greece has a very Greek name, which automatically makes it worthy of All-Name Team recognition.



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2 responses to “2009 Big Ten All-Name Team

  1. I demand all future teams have at least 1 Greek

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