Preseason Second Team All-Americans

Hey why not right? After doing our first team All-Americans a couple days ago, the 2nd teamers deserve some love as well. A couple of guys in this group, especially the first player mentioned, could have gone in the first five, but maybe they’d like heading up the second team better.

Jerome Randle – Cal

Randle is the nation’s leading returner in TS% among major conference players at 65.9% He only made just a little over half of his twos, but he made 46% of his threes. He also had a 121.1 O-rating and a 28% assist rate. I’ll be the first person to admit I’m a bit blinded by guys who can shoot the lights out, but Randle is a hell of a player and certainly a defensible selection for 1st team honors.

Robbie Hummel – Purdue

Hummel’s numbers don’t look great on the surface: His EFG was just 53.4% and his O-rating was 116.1. But consider he did this while having shoulder problems for the whole year, and that he is Purdue’s go to guy, and they look a little better. Plus, consider this: Purdue as a team turned it over about 20% of its possessions, good for just 78th nationally, but Hummel only had a 9,8% TO rate, which was 17th

Patrick Patterson – Kentucky

He had the 40th best O rating last year and had a 63.7% TS% all while having a lot of the shots that should have gone to him siphoned off by Jodie Meeks. He was also a contributor on both the offensive and defensive glass.

Matt Howard – Butler

He was on John Gasaway’s first team, and I have to admit I was a little skeptical until I checked out his numbers. Howard drew 7.6 fouls per 40 mins last year, good for 7th in the country, and shot 85.1% from the line, good for 5th nationally. His 121 O rating could get even better this year if he improves on his two point percentage. And, as Gasaway correctly points out, Butler coach Brad Stevens generally eschews offensive rebounding for transition defense.

Manny Harris – Michigan

Harris is the Wolverines’ engine. His 106.9 O rating was 30th last year, and he is among the highest returners. He shoots a lot, 28% or so, but not even the most on his team, which is a travesty. Harris had just a 55% EFG last year, which was decimated by his 32.7% three point percentage. He took the bulk of the Wolverines threes as well (159). But, considering he improved from his Freshman to his Sophomore year, I have confidence in projecting him to improve again. In John Beilein’s offense he should definitely have ample opportunities to put up threes, as the Wolverines took the 7th most threes nationally last year. Also, he wears a T-shirt under his jersey, automatically making him cool.

Well, those are my picks. Disagreements? Agreements? Who are your 2nd teamers?


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  1. Maver1ck

    For no particular reason, here is my first team “all time t-shirt under the jersey team.”

    C – Patrick Ewing Gtown
    F – Larry Johnson UNLV
    F – Corey Brewer UF
    G – Manny Harris UM
    G – Eric Gordon IU

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