Harrison Barnes

Not going to touch on this too much. Why? National Championships aren’t won in recruiting. Florida built their national championship teams on the back of three 4 star players and two 3 stars. National championships, with the exception of 2003 Syracuse, aren’t won with Freshmen in this era. Last year North Carolina was led by a Senior and a Junior. Kansas the year before had all Seniors and Juniors other than Darrell Arthur (and Cole Aldrich when he got limited PT).

If Derrick Rose, who monopolized the ball, couldn’t win a national championship, a small forward isn’t going to do it.



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7 responses to “Harrison Barnes

  1. tallguy

    Fuck Roy Williams

  2. And of course, in 2007, Florida repeated with four juniors and a senior in the starting lineup.

  3. TV: I said championships. Plural.


  4. I know you said championships, plural. But you said they built them on the backs of 4- and 3-star recruits. I was merely pointing out that they were four juniors and a senior when they repeated.

  5. mrejr8234

    im just waiting for the michelle beadle picture to show up on this site. get on it you lazy fucks.

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