Every so often, Beadlemaniacs is going to be perusing the web, giving you the best of basketball/weird/whatever the heck we want links. By the by, we are still looking for a better name for this feature, so whatever you got let us know. Alright, on to the links.


The reader's demand more Beadle; we give the readers more Beadle.

Some Final Four sleepers. (The Rookies)

Duke Frosh Mason Plumlee is out for awhile with a broken wrist (Rush The Court)

This is old, but oh so cool. (Storming The Floor)

Taking a gander at some transfers (Yet Another Basketball Blog)

A preseason bracket. We’ll have to take a crack at this. Maybe. (Blogging The Bracket)

Another preseason bracket. (Bracketville)

A review of Bill Simmons’s Book of Basketball (BB Prospectus)

I just wanted to link this blog because the greatest picture ever serves as its banner (College BBall 24/7)

A reason to love all 347 D1 teams. Yes, all 347. (The Grand National Championships)



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4 responses to “Links!

  1. arkbadger

    Arkansas:But there’s still a lot of interesting here. I mean, you have the salad bar of Courtney Fortson. Lot to like there, and if he can shake that whole actafoolery thing? He can lead them.

    except that he is suspended indefinetly to start the season. we are suiting up 8 guys (2 walk-ons) tonight against alcorn state. this season could be worse than last. fuck.

  2. tallguy

    “A reason to love all 347 D1 teams. Yes, all 347”

    False advertising…I hate Duke haters, they’re so unoriginal and trite.

  3. To be fair, I didn’t read the whole post. Just the Kansas part. I don’t think any human being alive read them all.

  4. I read them all. It’s 37 pages long.
    /I didn’t
    //I read most of them though.
    ///That photo is awesome.

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