Morning Basketball? Hell Yes.

As most college hoops fans are aware, ESPN will be airing a day-long marathon of games and coverage on Wednesday, to try and satiate the needs of all those rabid basketball fans out there. I for one, look forward to a full day of basketball.

Of course, such an event calls for some games to take place at ridiculous times, right? Right. Enter two New Jersey schools: Monmouth and St. Peter’s. These two schools will be tipping off their game on Wednesday at 6 am, local time. Yes, that’s correct, 6 in the morning… on a day when there are classes. And it’s not like ESPN asked them to tipoff at that time — the school actually tried to get that time-slot.

“It’s great for us to get that kind of exposure,” [St. Peter’s coach John Dunne] said. “When you think of people in fitness centers working out in the morning or others getting ready for work, they’ll turn on ESPN and see us. I thought it was a good opportunity to get us on ESPN regardless of the time. Monmouth was also supportive of it.”

The lengths some teams will go for national exposure is pretty impressive, but it’s also kind of sad how much they are willing to whore themselves out for that national exposure… on a school day. But anything for publicity for a small school, right?

As for the rest of the Wednesday basketball marathon, there’s UPenn at Drexel at 10 am, local time. There’s also UMass at Memphis, to start the marathon at midnight, eastern time (which is an 11 pm tip-off in Memphis on Tuesday night), and Fresno State at St. Mary’s playing at 2 am eastern time (another 11 pm Tuesday night tip-off on the west coast.)

As for the rest of the schedule for ESPN’s coverage, it can be found here.


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  1. Jerseyyo!

    Jersey, we’ll sell out our grandmas for a little exposure. Fuck yes.

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