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Weaker Non-Conference Scheduling: NCAA Football or Basketball?

Oh… hello there.  Yeah, my name/avatar has been up there for about three weeks so I figured it was time I added to the collective “we”.  This has been eating away at me us for a little while after we looked at the schedules.  Non-conference schedules in college sports tend to take quite a beating.  Outside of traditional out of conference rivals, which typically reside in-state, there isn’t much meat when it comes to non-conference scheduling.  This is most evident in the teams that are ranked in the top 25 preseason.

We took a look at the schedules of some of these teams to determine who has more, to borrow a famous Bill Raftery college basketball-ism, ONIONS!  Hoops or the gridiron?

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Site Of The Day

I hope that everyone is enjoying the hoops marathon today on ESPN; I know I fell asleep watching it, woke up to it and wrote a paper with it on in the background today. Anyways, since John Wall hit the game-winner last night, and mostly because I think it will annoy Fetch for me to mention it, I’m bringing you guys a Kentucky-themed Site Of The Day.

So today’s Site Of The Day is A Sea Of Blue — the online home of the the Big Blue Nation. They’ve got some good stuff over there, so be sure to check them out, particularly their basketball section if you are interested in all-things Kentucky athletics.

You could also follow them on Twitter @Truzenzuzex

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