Site Of The Day/Night Game Open Threadage

Sorry this is late, folks, but all of us seemed to have been busy early this evening. Today’s Site Of The Day goes to Yet Another Basketball Blog, so go check them out.

As for tonight, there’s a whole slate of games going on that involve Top 25 teams — a few of which have already tipped-off — for you all to enjoy. Consider this site an open hangout anytime any of you readers/commenters want to talk basketball and share your observations on the night’s action.

So there you have it, the comments section is yours for the taking, and we highly encourage any and all of you to share your thoughts with us.

And of course, I will leave you with some Beadlemania.





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83 responses to “Site Of The Day/Night Game Open Threadage

  1. cgb

    Syracuse has an agent ’00’, spectacular.

  2. younglefty

    About time. Geez.

  3. What the fuck is going on Carolina?

    signed, my wallet

  4. Yeah, sorry for the delay. Fetch is a lazy bum and I’m pretty sure SC is still missing.

  5. younglefty

    Also, let me add that having a mobile version of this site makes life much easier. Other blogs could learn a thing or two.

  6. Yay Carolina!

    /my wallet

    Fucking shit I hate Carolina

    /everyone with a soul

  7. cgb

    Who’s everyone pulling for tonight? I got UNC, some stupid ACC loyalty or something…

  8. Random, but does anyone else think it’s awesome that Dickie V uses caps lock (occasionally) and exclamation marks when he uses Twitter?

  9. So this girl that I have on facebook but haven’t talked to in like 4 years just posted that she’s excited about going to Notre Dame this weekend. What is an appropriate response? Fuck off?

  10. Yay, Carolina!

    /Fetch’s wallet.

  11. I’m glad Wesley Johnson transferred. Iowa State would be tough this year with him.

    Of course, there’s only one ball.

  12. So when Syracuse beats UNC, by the transitive property of college sports, that would make LeMoyne better than UNC, right?

  13. younglefty

    Sweet. Made a beer run, and got back before the second half started.

  14. cgb

    Dickie V in mid season form, “And he strokes it so well!”

  15. So Indiana just lost to BU. Ouch.

  16. cgb

    UNC is just getting worked right now. Syracuse taking their time setting up the offense then executing. It doesn’t look too good for UNC right now, considering they can’t hit a shot.

  17. Glad to see that Florida isn’t falling victim to early season upsets, yet, like the rest of the SEC.

    /not that they’re going to make the tournament anyway.

  18. younglefty

    What the fuck Carolina. Seriously. I don’t ask much. Win outside the conference. Fuck.

    /man I sound like a SEC football fan doucher

  19. Well I can piss that money away. Good thing it’s only 10 bucks

  20. This game is proving one thing: we need to see a Kansas-LeMoyne title game.

  21. younglefty

    Motherfucker. At least we beat George Mason today.

    /still turned it over 11 times
    //rubs ears
    ///woosah woosah woosah

  22. Random thought: I feel bad for anyone who clicked the “notify me of follow-up comments via email” box at the bottom.

  23. proudlu

    my God…this is an even bigger ass whooping than I thought it would be….I can’t believe I’m about to say this but (gulp), I feel bad for the Tarheels…think I’ll switch over to the pros for now….good talking to you gents

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