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Tonight’s marquee matchup is Purdue vs. Tennessee. Each team has somewhat struggled lately, with Purdue outlasting South Dakota State by 11, and Tennessee having a squeaker vs. DePaul. Purdue’s Robbie Hummel is the player to watch, as one of our 2nd team All-Americans is shooting 50% from the floor through his first two games, although just 33% from three. It will be interesting to see if Purdue’s great defense (5th nationally last year) can stop Tennessee’s offense (21st nationally last year, although much better from 2 than from 3). Another thing to watch will be the rebounding: Tennessee had the nation’s 5th tallest team last year.

Other games for your viewing pleasure are at the Maui invitational. Cincy and Vandy are currently going toe to toe, and Wisconsin-Arizona takes place later on.

Earlier today, Gonzaga struggled with Colorado, who I called terrible yesterday. I still think they’re terrible, it’s just that Gonzaga isn’t any good.

Happy viewing.



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15 responses to “Open Thread

  1. Maybe Purdue doesn’t play as tight in this years non-conference matchups.

  2. tallguy

    “Maybe Purdue doesn’t play as tight in this years non-conference matchups.”

    I certainly enjoyed watching them last year in the ACC invitational.

  3. tallguy

    Cinci’s up by 15 with 5 to go, but seems like half of their team ha 4 fouls. Really thought Vandy was going to be the best team in Maui, but they look like shit right now.

  4. Cincy: Top 4 in Big East? They’re pretty darn good.

    • tallguy

      They play good defense, and they’re a tournament team…but I don’t know about top 4 in the Big East. Nova, Cuse, UConn, and Louisville are pretty damn solid.

      Georgetown sucks though, and I’d love to see Monroe spend a second year without making the tournament and watch his draft stock drop even further…fucker could’ve gone to Duke where we don’t run shitty Princeton style offense.

      In other news, Wichita St is getting jobbed by the refs already.

  5. tallguy

    1st team foul on Pitt at the 8:40 mark in the first half…

  6. Why isn’t the Purdue-Tennessee game on?

  7. tallguy

    listing says Fox Sports fetch…can’t verify, I don’t have cable (espn 360 is how I get my fix)

  8. Sweet it is on FSN. Praise Jesus. Also looking forward to Texas railing Iowa (if only because I have money on this game)

  9. tallguy

    Sweet, a Carolina BBQ reference in the Pitt game…my new favorite play by play guy

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