Big Ten Takes the Challenge

Didn’t see that one coming, did you? For the first time in 11 tries, the Big Ten has won the Challenge. It may have taken a Clemson choke job against Illinois and a Duke down game in Wisconsin but those of us Big Ten alums and fans that have suffered through this will take it.

After Boston College and Miami won last night it looked pretty bleak for the Big Ten. Clemson was up 20 at half against the Illini and Duke was predicted to walk over the Badgers. Illinois rallied in the second half to knock of the Tigers while the Badgers never trailed at the Kohl Center.

We seem to recall reading somewhere that Bo Ryan was a stud coach and Madison was a tough place to play because of him…

A slim 6-5 for the Midwest folk. We can already hear the ACC clamoring about its victory over Michigan State in both the Challenge and the title game last season. That’s fine. The title game is the pinnacle of any sport.

But we will take our moment in the sun for now.

That being said, the Big Ten was supposed to be a strong conference this year. Both Michigan schools better wake up and Illinois needs to play more consistent ball. Minnesota isn’t as good as we thought either. 6 bids we’ll say for the Big Eleven.



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  1. Fetch

    Didn’t see that coming? Read your own blog


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