Open Threadage:Big East/SEC Invitational

You didn’t think ESPN was going to let the ACC/Big Ten Challenge get all of the limelight, did you? Of course not. Tonight kicks off the Big East/SEC Invitational. It doesn’t get the hype of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, nor does it have as many games. However, this eight team event does bring us two early-season marquee match ups between four big name programs.

Two games are tipping off at Madison Square Garden tonight, including Kentucky and UConn. Tomorrow, the event shifts to Tampa, where Florida and Syracuse face off, and of course, we will have another open threadage for that game. The other two games of the Invitational: Georgia vs St. John’s tonight, then DePaul and Mississippi State tomorrow.

Feel free to use the comments section tonight to discuss the Kentucky-UConn game and — contrary to what Fetch says — what ESPN refers to as the best freshman in the land: John Wall. Or  feel free to talk about whatever you really feel like discussing. Myself, Fetch and SouvenirCity will be popping in throughout the night to join in. So have it, folks. It’s an open forum: nuestra casa es tu casa. Or blog. Whatever.

Oh, and of course, I won’t leave you without the doctor’s recommended daily dose of Beadle. Enjoy.



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85 responses to “Open Threadage:Big East/SEC Invitational

  1. Billy Buckner

    Kentucky and UConn is really choosing the lesser of two evils.

  2. I thought you said I was shameless, Buck?

    /you’re banned

  3. Billy Buckner

    Well, you are. It doesn’t matter to me, but you are.

    I’m just pumped my avatar works here. Works on every site except TBL. Weird. Probably the devil’s work.

  4. so, who all is watching KU-Radford?

  5. Billy Buckner

    Fuck it, I guess I might as well.

  6. Billy Buckner

    Nice dunk.

  7. Maver1ck

    Hey Fetch care to explain why you’re such a KU fan? I’ve never heard why, but I know you go to UND…

    • Sure no problem.

      Growing up I didn’t have a CBB team, just kinda watched it and Kansas was on a lot so I started following them a little but nothing to seriously.

      When I was in 4th grade a kid from ND committed and then started playing there when I was in 5th grade. I planned on just kinda casually following him but I ended up getting hooked.

  8. Maver1ck

    Yeah I know how that goes.

    6/7th grade I was always watching Nick Horvath play HS ball…he went to Duke so I ended up developing a soft spot for the Dukies over the years

    But my heart will always be with the Gophers.

  9. Billy Buckner

    God dammit, you like Duke? Well that’s a problem.

  10. Only reason I ever cheer for Duke is because my sister in-law is a UK fan. I once met Christian Laettner during shootaround of a Heat game, and he autographed a couple of things for me. I tried giving one to my sister in-law, just for shits and giggles. Needless to say, she wasn’t amused by it.

  11. Maver1ck

    Sometimes I take heat for cheering for Duke, but damn it was fun cheering for guys like JJ Reddick.

    • Billy Buckner

      And it was damn fun to hear him say us Maryland fans made him cry. I actually ended up hating Paulus more, at least Redick was good. Paulus just blew AND was a douchebag.

  12. Hot damn, Harvard just beat BC.

  13. Maver1ck

    Yeah I couldn’t stand Paulus, either. Or Scheyer for that matter

  14. Billy Buckner

    Understandable. Can’t get pissed about that. I just get worked up about Duke, it happens so fast.

  15. younglefty

    Alright! Let’s go meteor!

  16. Id be much more impressed with Wall if he hadn’t gone to essentially the best mid-major conference

  17. cgb

    Fetch == bojack ninny homer

  18. Billy Buckner

    This is getting out of hand fast.

  19. younglefty

    Kentucky’s gonna run these fools outta the gym by halftime.

  20. cgb

    Uconn is very overrated and Kentucky might be the favorite going into the final four by the end of the year.

  21. Soooo… Cuse or UF tomorrow?

  22. Sherron Collins never turns it over like that

  23. younglefty

    Can we make a trade with the SEC so that it’s the ACC-Big East Challenge? Much more intriguing hoops matchups.

  24. KU covered. Knew I should have bet on them

  25. CGB – your comments went to the spam box. Interpret that as you want…

  26. Kemba Walker is no John Wall but he’s a solid PG

  27. younglefty

    Kentucky can’t rebound worth a fuck.

  28. John Wall is ballin’

    /3 turnovers at the half
    //wanking motion

  29. I have a friend back home that we actually call Juice.

    • younglefty

      There was a dude I worked with at the golf course that we called Juice. He even had it on his nametag. We had a secret shopper one day, and in the follow up report, it said something like “I entered the pro shop, and was greeted by pro shop attendant Juice”. I pissed myself after reading that.

  30. I also like how fetch has yet to defend himself after my sicknastic burn.


  31. Billy Buckner

    I got Z-Muscle, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m 6’2″ 165. Dammit.

    The best one I got was The Condition.

  32. cgb

    I just finished watching the Top Chef finale and now Uconn is winning, wow.

  33. Dammit, Fetch. All of CGB’s comments keep getting caught in the spam-catcher. What did you do to him?

    /blaming you because I didn’t do anything.
    //you should point the finger at SC

  34. Alright guys, I’m out of here for the night. Headed to some random party. Enjoy the rest of the game. I’ll be back tomorrow night with another open thread for UF-Cuse.

  35. Ya know… I work* here and it’d be nice if I got notified when we were having a party so I can take all the knobs off the stove and hide my Starting Lineup figurines.

    *use that term loosely

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