A Thread that Requires no Invitiation. The Big East/SEC Invitational Open Thread Invitation to Non-Discrimination Invitational Open Threadedness… and Stuff

I (weird, not “we”) felt obligated to start this thread tonight.  In January, I’ll officially be a Blue Demon.  They even sent me a free t-shirt with my grad school admission!  That being said, can’t say the excitement level is high to be a fan of a team that didn’t win a single conference regular season game last year.  Still, we’re all here to watch this thing tonight.  Ok, maybe YOU just came for the Florida/Syracuse game.  But until then, I’ll be in the comments having creepy, but funny, conversations with myself about players I don’t know a damn thing about.

Please.  Don’t make this feel like the day after I fell off the school bus in 7th grade by tripping over my band instrument in front of the entire school.  (/runs away crying)  Open thread ahead!

This is where you applaud me for being self-deprecating and supporting a college program that has been turrible since Ray Meyer left the mortal coil.  Or… just talk about the games.  And stuff.

UPDATE: Apparently some of you will also be discussing the guido-fest that is Jersey Shore on the Music Television.  Are they a lounge band?  Bet they’ve got nothing on Dean Martin.



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27 responses to “A Thread that Requires no Invitiation. The Big East/SEC Invitational Open Thread Invitation to Non-Discrimination Invitational Open Threadedness… and Stuff

  1. BrianBridgePro

    Ummmm Well, they have cool uni’s…no wait, that’s Marquette…ummm…

    I got nothin..

  2. Jeannine Edwards looks like the Scarecrow villain from Batman. She also has too many “N”s in her name.

  3. DePaul may not have won a conference game last year, but they definitely have more “athletes” on the floor than this year’s Iowa team.

    Really tried to make that as non-racist sounding as possible……


    /sorry, I can’t help it


    You know he should win the Heisman if Nessler is talking about him during a basketball telecast.

  5. And after 11 minutes, DePaul has 8 points. They’d be AWESOME in the Big Ten.

    /people that hate the Big Ten

  6. So, in 2006 ESPN said that we have the nicest hockey rink in the world. Awesome. Can’t say I disagree.

  7. Who is “we”? The United Center is awful.

    Bring back Chicago Stadium, the original Madhouse on Madison.

  8. Dude on the halftime show just called Abdul Gaddy a “little guard”. Ummm he’s 6 foot 3.

  9. younglefty

    I’m gonna go ahead and guess my invitation got lost in the mail.

  10. younglefty

    Jenn Brown totally wants to bang Toby Gerhart.

  11. Jesus. DePaul is awful. They should play Iowa so I can decide who is more worth following.

  12. When is the shore on? 8?

  13. Suh just swept the awards. FIVE. Incredible.

  14. Just letting everyone know, we’ll be shifting over to a new thread for the UF-Syracuse game.

    /SC stole my thunder.
    //We let him have his fun with his school’s shitty team.

  15. I could watch that Mark Herzlich thing on a continuous loop

  16. The UF/Syracuse/Jersey Shore thread is up. Party will move over there shortly.

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