Open Threadage: Main Event – UF/Syracuse and Jersey Shore

So now that DePaul is done butchering the game of basketball, we bring you another open thread for tonight’s main events: Florida and Syracuse from the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, and of course, the funniest show on television at the moment — Jersey Shore. We’ll get to Jersey Shore in a minute, but first, the game of the night.

Both UF and Syracuse come into the game undefeated. We all already know how good Syracuse has been this season, thanks to Fetch. Since that exhibition loss to LeMoyne (LEMOYNE!), Syracuse has been ballin’ out, and junior transfer Wesley Johnson has been superb for the Orange, averaging 17 points a game. The bigger surprise this season though has to be the Gators. They lost their best player from last season, Nick Calathes, to Greece and are coming off of back-to-back NIT trips. And despite starting the season unranked, a convincing win over Florida State and a win against then-second ranked Michigan State has vaulted the Gators just outside of the top 10.

I don’t feel like getting too much into Florida, because I’m sure I’ll post more about them throughout the season (since I do attend the school), but one name you should look out for is freshman guard Kenny Boynton, even though Florida’s best weapon is, arguably, PF Alex Tyus. Anyways, it should be a good game — at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

Now, onto Jersey Shore. It’s the funniest show on television right now… after just premiering last week. What makes it so funny? Where to start: The Situation. The “guidettes.” The awful fake tans. Then there’s this:


Bottom line, the show is television gold, and it airs tonight at 10 … real time, not that fake central time nonsense. /glares at Fetch and SC.

So there you have it. Enjoy our late-game open thread. You know the rules, everything’s open to discussion, just don’t mess with SC’s Starting Lineup figurines, or else he’ll be pissed.

Now let’s enjoy some quality entertainment, and of course, FIST PUMP LIKE A CHAMP!



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115 responses to “Open Threadage: Main Event – UF/Syracuse and Jersey Shore

  1. younglefty

    This comment section is gonna be dead because everybody will be hypnotized by that gif of Snickas getting popped in the face.

  2. Apparently my name would be Juice Box if I lived in Jersey.

    /still not going to watch the show
    //or the Fiesta Bowl
    ///full circle’d

  3. standard “you shouldn’t hit a girl” bs aside…

    that .gif is fucking awesome.

  4. cgb

    Can I actually make comments now?


  5. I’m emailing Paolo to see if he’ll do a guest post

  6. BrianBridgePro

    I too am “Juicebox”

  7. Feel like I could just watch this on loop and get the whole Jersey Shore thing that way.

  8. Ok, I took step one and found MTV.

    Watched about 4 minutes. This is just filthy trash. I’m sure there’s some “holy shit” moments but these people make genocide natural selection seem so right

    /going STRAIGHT to hell

  9. In other news, Florida is having issues with the 2-3 zone. They’re only successful when shooting over it. Can’t penetrate at all.

  10. cgb

    Shots, shots, shots, sha-sha-sha, shots, shots, shots!

  11. Dammit, Fetch and SC, we really need to check on the pending comments thing more often. Just approved a couple of comments CursedCleveland left that were sitting there.

  12. T-minus 5 minutes till new Jersey Shore!

    /Fist pump like a champ

  13. tallguy

    lefty, that celebration ale from sierra is absolute dogshit.

  14. younglefty

    I’m fist pumpin’ like a maniac.

  15. They should have had some hot girls on this show

  16. younglefty

    Definitely didn’t have Schnickas in the office pool for first chick to kiss another chick. Fuck.

  17. Go read the Wikipedia entry on “guido,” specifically the third paragraph. You’re welcome.

  18. Hard to pay attention to the game with this show on.

  19. HUGE 3 from Walker. Gators only down 4 now. Gators are committing unnecessary fouls though.

  20. Guess who is doing a guest post. I am so excited.

  21. The cockblock is leaving. Will they bring in a new roommate?

    /the plot thickens

  22. the drunk “I just saw your penis” is the best line ever

  23. That laugh by the situation was hilarious. And slightly creepy

  24. Syracuse just keeps Florida to coming within 4 points then keeps pulling away. Hmmmm…. let’s see, how can I pull this all together?

    Like how the Situation said he was going to pull Sammi in and just flick her away when she got close?

    /did I do that right?

  25. In basketball news: Florida needs to get its shit together. Cuse is letting them hang around for too long.

  26. Kenny Boynton is kinda* good.


  27. Snooki makes me simultaneously gag and vomit. She makes me gavomit.

    /Scrubs reference for Fetch and TallGuy

  28. I am beyond speechless right now

  29. younglefty

    Dude my power went out for a few. Just before the hot tub thing. Somebody recap for me please.

  30. Seriously, who puts charcoal in a gas grill?

    /only in Jersey…

  31. Hot damn, next week’s show should be pure gold. Pure. Gold.

    /dammit, UF is going to lose.
    //I didn’t expect a win.

  32. There’s a good chance the Cuse are playing for a #1 seed in March. They are definitely no worse than a 3 seed.

    That Big East schedule is brutal though.

  33. By basic transitive property:

    LeMoyne > Syracuse > Florida


    • I forgot about that…. how the fuck did they lose that game? Their defense is on point this season.

      A team like Duke that loves to just jack up threes could beat them too. If they run into a hot shooting team that just fires over the zone, it’s always trouble for the Orange.

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