Black Bears Roar

It's impossible to find a picture of Maine hoops. So you're getting a hockey picture

First of all, forgive the pun. I spent like two minutes thinking up a title for this post, something that should never happen, and will never happen again.

Last night the Maine Black Bears (currently ranked 282nd in the Pomeroy Ratings) put a hurting on a Division 3 team (I’m assuming) from Northeast Maine called Maine-Presque Isle. For reference, Presque Isle is located in Northeast Maine and has a population of roughly 9,500 people. One thing they are not famous for is their basketball.

Last night, Maine put up 133 points. Yes, 133. It was an incredibly fast game (89 possessions), but that still works out to a 149.4 efficiency for the Black Bears. Just as impressively, the held MPI to a 65.2 efficiency. Maine turned it over less than once every ten possessions, while turning MPI over almost once every three possessions. In fact, 20% of every defensive possession ended with a Black Bear getting a steal. 7 Maine players registered multiple steals. Maine shot almost 75% from the floor, and had roughly a 65% eFG.

Obviously this doesn’t mean Maine is an America East threat. The Black Bears are in fact pretty bad. Rather, Maine-Presque Isle must be the worst college basketball team in the country. Maine’s lead was 100% safe according to the formula developed by Bill James with 3:30 left in the first half when they enjoyed a 58-15 lead.

Maine will likely get some karma on December 22nd, when they play at Connecticut. But still, almost a 150 efficiency? That has to be the season high.


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2 responses to “Black Bears Roar

  1. Paragraph three made my swine flu into meningitis I think. My head hurts.

  2. TheMidRangeGame

    Luckily though don’t look THAT good in conference play.. but still a pretty formidable team. Notched an impressive Penn St. win.

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