Efficiency, Thy Name Is Xavier

Today the #1 ranked Kansas Jayhawks pounded (out) LaSalle, 90-65. The Jayhawks shot over 50% from the field and played their customary great defense, limiting LaSalle to just 36% shooting. They also allowed them to shoot just 35.7% from two, which is under their national best season average of 36.1% But the real story was the play of Freshman Xavier Henry, aka the best Freshman in the country but no one would know it because John Wall is busy getting verbal blowjobs from everyone.

Henry was 6-10 (60%) from two and 4-5 (80%) from three. He also was 7-9 (77.7%) from the line.

Xavier takes a lot of shots when he’s in the game, but that’s good for the Jayhawks as he’s second on the team (amongst people who get regular minutes) in eFG with a 65.4% mark. He’s also asserted himself well on the defensive glass (11.5%). He is better than Wall in eFG, defensive rebounding percentage and much better in turnover percentage.

Wall  may be the more exciting and more athletic player, but Henry is the much more efficient one.



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3 responses to “Efficiency, Thy Name Is Xavier

  1. Wall also has less talent around him; it’s marginally less, but it’s less. For what he is asked to do compared to what is asked of Henry, Wall’s more impressive.

    But it’s probably closer to 1a and 1b than most think.

  2. tallguy

    Wall is a point guard on a young team that still hasn’t figured out how to use its talents cohesively. Plus Cousins is a fucking black hole. Henry plays on a veteran team that knows how to play, and doesn’t have a moron for a coach.

    Henry is a good player, but let’s not even suggest that you’re comparing apples to apples. Plus there’s the whole fact that Kansas has played an extremely weak schedule so far…Memphis is the only team on the schedule that’s at all decent (not your fault that UCLA pulled a UNC in 01-02, but still).

    • I’m merely saying Henry has been the better shooter so far.

      And, if you want to get really nitpicky about it, I would guess that Cousins being a black hole makes Wall look better (more assists, etc.) although it is less chances for him to score and he is definitely a scoring PG.

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