Guest Post: Criteria For Ranking The NBA Contenders

While we at Beadlemania are mainly a college basketball blog, we will dabble in the NBA from time to time. We also encourage any and all guest posts on any topic, which you can send to our e-mail posted in the top right corner.

Today we have a very special guest poster. Paolo is here to lay out his criteria for determining the best contenders for the NBA title, and then later today he will rank the teams for you. Sit back and enjoy.

Let’s examine for now the current state of NBA power and depth about a quarter into the regular season for sake of rating their overall prospects.  What teams based on history and pertinent facts on the ground not usually in nightly highly are primed for dominance in the playoffs, considering also the inevitability of key injuries for any given highly contributory starter bench player for each of them?
First, why even bother with such an alternate analysis to attempt to go well beyond the mainstream media hype and analysis?
Overwhelmingly when you examine the history of NBA champions and the dominators of the NBA playoffs, the ultimate championship teams are those that had season records, for sake of simplicity, 600 and above and usually a deep roster.
Oh the actual stat might be 570 or 630 and any two of us can split hairs on that number for the rest of our lives, but don’t lose site of the key point:  history shows, contrary to the TV pitches, that overwhelmingly the playoffs do NOT change everything after the regular season.
When amongst other factors an NBA team, and usually overlooked its bench, are not winning consistently at least 6 out of 10 during the season, that’s a pretty good sign that such a team will be another Cinderella at best with long odds in history against such an NBA playoff run as well.
Professional basketball of course is hardly the only endeavour which, at the highest levels of performance, how one entity does one thing is highly indicative of how that entity either does or can do everything.
The TEAMS’ respective play at the highest levels for consistent winning, irrespective of stellar performance and stats of certain players as is more the focus for this league of spentatainment in the eyes of many far more than sport, is in fact comprised of many individuals doing small things well on a highly consistent basis that you will usually not see in the television highlights.
All other teams even making the playoffs almost always are just filler material usually for the first few rounds of the playoffs and the occasional Cinderella that most like to see including especially TNT and ESPN for the ratings boosts.   The media hype for such spoilers is predictable right before the playoffs start in April every single year with hardly any other competing professional sports for the public’s interest, as the lack of speculation and dramatization makes for lower and lower ratings in a more challenging, fragmented media environment than ever.
Sure an occasional exception to this 600 guideline backed by history exists when three or four teams from the best division that is abnormally strong make the playoffs, as has happened in the Western Conference in some years, but overwhelmingly this is not the case with most third-place and even fourth-place teams making it in any given division or occasionally even the winner of an absolutely awful division.

Before we get to this list, here are two pertinent disclosures when reading any of my posts.  If you do not agree with these reasonable recommendations, it’s better you don’t read or comment and go on rather than expose yourself to all not just me.  Heck even if you don’t agree with them, if they offer you any entertainment so much the better.

In The Interest Of More Constructive Discussion And Debate
I cheer for the Indiana Pacers, the LA Lakers, and TNT coverage of the NBA.
I jeer for the New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, and ESPN coverage of the NBA.
Deal with it and please disclose your cheers and jeers whatever they are for sake of good sport with your constructive comments whether supportive or critical.
Be an avid fan and homer for your successful team all the same, but disclose who you are or you are one of the following sordid bunch …
Homer And/Or Bojack Douchebag Loser Alert!
Inevitably any given commenter will attest that his deserving hometown team or otherwise that should make the list is not and all the name-calling and the like to go with it.
To you such homer folks who will be exposed I offer the following recommendations for the attempted benefit of all, for as much as you might object to what you have read so far I guarantee more folks living around you are sick of your lame ass.
Please tune out from your local media or own song in your head long enough to wait until your team actually wins to get above 600, and THEN please make your case later, as likely would I anyway, at such point for such a team later in the season.
Also in the meantime perhaps grow a larger pair to admit freely that your team is at best mediocre or just plain sucks now and gripe at them instead of fans of more successful teams in reality.
And for those of course who find such commentary objectionable because it is so cut-and-dry regardless of the content because you think everyone should be as sensitive and sympathetic as are you (in your own minds HA!), please don’t read my posts as you will inevitably be more disappointed with the inherent expectation (Baby Boomer?  Generation Y/Generation Me?) that everyone should write for your particular enjoyment.
Consider that it might be in your best interest to just agree to disagree and offer alternative views instead of getting caught up in why folks like me exist just like I accept your sordid existence.
Above all, get over your delusional selves, and it’s about progress never perfection for all of us working to get ahead and move forward anyway.


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18 responses to “Guest Post: Criteria For Ranking The NBA Contenders

  1. Being an alumni of Notre Dame, I approve of this post.

  2. Bunch if William Twains in this site.

  3. KC Res

    Paolo as in Paolo X? Awesome.

  4. tallguy

    Ok, I actually just read the post, and it deserves the Billy Madison principal treatment.

  5. Paolo X

    All here to contribute to the commentary welcome.

    All haters from “past lives,” with two so far it appears, well you know what you can do in so many ways as expressed if not contributing of course. Or maybe you all miss me too or you would not bother?

    Thanks all the same to the fans, contributors, and/or constructive critics.

  6. ThatsSoTaguchi

    Paolo X lives. Give this man a column, preferably a mail bag.

  7. jpq1999

    Paolo in the house!!!!

    Paolo, email me at jpq1999 [at] yahoo [dot] com if you want. I asked TBL to send to you a while back, but I doubt he did.

    Fetch: First, a Purdue hoops post and now a Paolo guest post? I will add this site to my list!


  8. Paolo X

    Wrapping it up for those curious as does that dude at the end of PTI covering E’s and O’s and all …more on the other post and more to follow later this week for posts:

    Here is a basic Latin review as used in English for those interested given that debate above. If you not interested and you comment you know what I have told you that you can do repeatedly involving something high and hard. The roots of most of these words are Greek all the same.

    Alumnus = male graduate
    Alumna = female graduate
    Alumni = male graduates, male and female graduates
    Alumnae (pronounced a-lum-nee) = female graduates only

    Other alternate plurals that are correct in modern English as well — use these and amaze your friends or especially those snooty academic types walking around with Martinis and the like.

    stadium ==> stadia
    stratum ==> strata
    gymnasium ==> gymnasia
    radius ==> radii
    vagina ==> vaginae

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