Nothing But ‘Net

Nothing But Net is Beadlemania’s every so often look around the internets for links and other nonsense you should be reading. If you have a suggestion for something to go in here please email us at beadlemaniacs at, or hit up the contact tab.

Michigan: not good (Basketball Prospectus)

The hoops implications of the Big 10 going to 12 teams (Basketball Prospectus)

Georgetown is playing at a faster than expected space so far this year. (Hoya Prospectus)

Is Butler overrated? (College Basketball 24/7)

Grading the Big 10 teams so far (Big 10 Geeks)

A recap of Temple-Villanova (VBTN)

Sparty and Friends is counting down the top 10 teams of the decade. (Sparty and Friends)

Last but not least, a present for you all



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4 responses to “Nothing But ‘Net

  1. Paolo X

    Damn is Michelle Beadle pregnant now? Whodunnit?

    Someone has to whip that ass and muppet mouth into shape I guess.

  2. Maver1ck

    Anyone over here watching this Duke/Gardner-Webb game? I find it comical that Len Elmore has to do this game with Mike Patrick. Mike Patrick just can’t get enough of Jon Scheyer and his awesomeness. You just know that Elmore wants to fucking stab him for it.

  3. Paolo X

    In all fairness to the muppet-mouthed Beadle to eliminate that rumour of pregnancy I tried to start, I caught her and Cowherd briefly last night flipping channels, and she was working a green shirt, black tights, and sexy short black boots with a trim figure. I think she’s afraid to work her ass for the camera? Some research is in serious order dudes to put up some better shots than this pregnant one.

  4. Paolo X

    Sparty needs to stop by here sometime too — get him Fetch? I’ll e-mail him later.

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