Open Threadage: 4 Top Teams Edition

Tonight promises to be one of the best nights of the college basketball season, as the 1st, 3rd, 10th and 26th rated teams in the Pomeroy Ratings all square off.

Although they are rated 26th, I am of the opinion that Michigan State is a top 10 team. They’ve had a couple rough shooting nights, and a bad day turning it over, which led to their losses. They have some problem turning teams over, and interestingly have had some trouble on the defensive glass this year, but I expect them to get much better over the course of the season.

The Spartans travel to Texas in the first game. It will be interesting to see how Texas Senior Dexter Pittman battles down low with the Spartan big men. Pittman is the rare player that is actually a better offensive rebounder than defensive rebounder, so there should be offensive rebounds aplenty tonight. Many Texas fans think that Pittman’s offensive game has gotten better this year, but I don’t think I’ve seen him make a non-dunk thusfar this year. Still, with home court advantage, I like Texas to win.

In the nightcap, Cal travels to legendary Allen Fieldhouse to take on the Jayhawks. There should be quite the battle on the outside, as Jerome Randle is one of the best shooters in college basketball. However, Cal struggles inside and Kansas has a great offensive rebounding team, if not an elite defensive rebounding one. Cal struggles scoring inside as well, which could spell doom as Kansas has the 5th best two point defense in the country this year.

However these games go, they should be great games of basketball in two great atmospheres. Stop by and comment away. If you get hung up in moderation feel free to email us or give us a shout on twitter.



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15 responses to “Open Threadage: 4 Top Teams Edition

  1. I think with Robertson finally healthy, Cal’s offense is going could be lethal. Don’t think they beat Kansas though.

    • Yeah I am pretty afraid of this Cal team. Kansas is like a 13 point favorite tonight. Don’t think they cover. If they lose I honestly won’t be too bad, since it will likely be from Cal bombing from the arc, and it’s tough to guard against that.

  2. mrejr8234

    im still waiting on the douches who run this site to have an image of Michelle Beadle in the banner.

    /all i care about
    //she deserves the banner

    • Paolo X

      Mrejr I think you are looking at the wrong site for douches, as for sure they are at that trash site you came from in large part.

      Hey how is your dog? Still alive and sleeping with you in your bed? You still have that cheesy-ass goatee going too?

      Check this out on dogs wow! Sign yours up I say!

      Some of those douches over there even have recommendations for snipers, and one going by Dirt apparently is quite the leccaculo last I heard before I left. Maybe you can help them with whatever army training you managed to get through sadly?

      Have another hard look over there Mrejr, assuming you can get your head out of your ass, and tell them I said up theirs like yours whilst you are at it.

      Otherwise consider perhaps offering some actual commentary on sports here whenever you do show your pathetic lame ass?

      Whatever you do Mrejr should you get your head out of your ass, rejoice and be glad this Christmas season like the rest of us! 😀

  3. If Avery Bradley has it on a fast break, he’s going to shoot it. Defenses should figure that out soon.

  4. KC Res

    KU is going to kill tonight. Self was super-pissed about the last game.

    Fetch – Did you see the article on Aldrich in the KC Star today?

  5. mrejr8234

    hi paolo..

  6. Jay Bilas just said Rick Barnes-Bill Self is a tossup. Maybe the 3rd grade version of Bill Self.

    • KC Res

      Duke assclown. I actually used to like Bilas, but he has morphed into a grouchy ass over the past three years.

      • Paolo X

        Why do you think Bilas is grouchy? Any gossip on him? An affair gone by or flirting at work no more? East Coast constipation again?

        (Tangent for what’s coming next decade to change the game for quite some time)
        Apparently TMZ Sports is coming soon I heard today on PTI, and that site will hit big and probably have quite the archive before too long that we could consult for an answer to such a question. I think the douches on ESPN are intimidated or they would not mention it. This is one idea that should have hit awhile ago before Tigergate, the scandal that just keeps on giving at just the right time of the year.

  7. KC Res

    Nah, Bilas seems like a stand up guy. I just remember when he started at ESPN he was a fun loving guy cracking jokes and was self-depreciating. Over the past three years, especially around tourney time, he has become a younger Billy Packer. Not that grouchy, but it appears someone told him to lose the good guy act.

    I saw that about TMZ sports. Interesting to see how that will turn out. I bet a whole lot more of athletes in VIP sections of clubs photos start coming out.

  8. Huge win tonight. Cal is fucking good. 9th in the Pomeroy. Great great win.

  9. arkbadger

    big win for Arkansas last night, sadly a win over SMS is considered big now. they actually played as a team for most of the game and (gasp) showed some heart when they started getting matched hoop for hoop.

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