Happy Festivus

Today marks one of the greatest days of the year, that of Festivus. Our gift to you, is to make a donation in your name to the Human Fund (money for people).

As your gift to us, we present the airing of the grievances. In the comments, feel free to express any complaints you have about anything, including, but not limited to, college basketball and our site.

God speed, and we’ll see you after Christmas. A special video after the jump:



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12 responses to “Happy Festivus

  1. Paolo X

    I am no fan of college basketball, but its coverage on this site rocks as do Fetch, Souvenir, and Tomas.

    I wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Decade or Happy Holidays otherwise.

    We already have done NBA posts that I hope to continue with the next edition after the All-Star break, but how about some NFL posts before the season ends and through the playoffs (hint, hint, hint again)? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Note that soon TMZ Sports will be the mainstay of sports gossip online just as TMZ became for celebrity gossip all-around to supplant the lead position of the supermarket tabloids. They understand as most do not that there are many other Tigergates looming, as it seems that few have learned anything from David Letterman. Bottom line athletes and celebrities and some politicians cannot cover up all the evidence out there as they could pre-Tiger Woods 2007 or so.

    I expect many with sites attempting to compete with that content, with ESPN already intimidated for example but also Yahoo! OMG, will be quite overwhelmed and subdued. Rightfully so in that regard for some of the lamer homering and circle-jerking sites like ESPN too.

    Even if your site won’t be focused on athletes off the field, pitch, court, rink, etc., a new age of sports blogging and journalism is coming to affect all well beyond what we have seen so far with Facebook, the blogs, and Twitter.

    Onward and upward for the best in the New Decade too on that note, as I see a lot of fun ahead for us all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. cassino

    Pac-10 basketball outside the state of Washington.

  3. mrejr8234

    beadle needs to be in the banner and all your teams suck.

  4. Paolo X

    Am I not the only one wondering if we will also have the part for Feats of Strength to celebrate Festivus, yet still wondering how the heck that part works?

    I spent much of my year already airing many of my grievances before Festivus of course.

  5. arkbadger

    Arkansas basketball since Nolan left.

  6. Mike Tirico is a fucking douchebag.

    Outside of that? I need another beer, but that’s about it.

    • Paolo

      Idea for another post you gave me Souvenir: An election of guys from a ballot who should not be on TV at all because there just have to be folks more qualified to replace them anyway. Due to their substantial representation, such a post could be called “The People Behind Why I Hate ESPN.”

      Maybe like in Hollywood they are just blowing or doing the right people who knows. Who else can’t wait for TMZ Sports to expose more of the phonies?

      First we come up with a slate of up to 20 nominees total.

      I hereby nominate the following, and all please add at least two in any further posts and any whom I missed amongst quite the sordid sorted bunch once I looked into the list of names:

      Jim Rome
      Colin Cowherd
      Mike Tirico
      Keyshawn Johnson
      Michael Strahan
      Mike Ditka (he is mis-cast and has a face and voice for radio)
      Rachel Nichols
      Mike Greenberg
      Stuart Scott
      Kenny Mayne
      Pam Ward
      Brent Musberger
      Dave Pasch
      Neil Everett
      Norman Chad
      Jay Mariotti
      Chris McKendry
      Mark Jackson
      Jeff Van Gundy
      Mike Wilbon (though from Chicago, he’s a DC shill)
      Erik Kuselias
      Tony Kornheiser (exposed as Dan Snyder’s shill in DC)
      Suzy Kolber (already exposed for the phoney she is)
      Dana Jacobson
      Jemele Hill
      Skip Bayless
      Swinn Cash
      Julie Foudy
      Doug Flutie
      Cris Carter (also mis-cast like Ditka; better on radio)
      Hank Goldberg
      Lomas Brown
      Mike Breen
      John Anderson

  7. Needs a photo of Beadle in the banner.

    //beating a dead horse

  8. tallguy

    Alarmingly unathletic guards, and secured wifi connections. And the fact that the law enforcement arms of the state of North Carolina are so far in the bag for UNC that they continue to ignore the single greatest threat to children since lawn darts were outlawed, Roy Williams.

  9. Paolo X

    True to the originator of the holiday, Festivus is not over yet because we have not done the “Feats of Strength.” But how does that part work?

    It sure sounds more fascinating than the “Airing of Grievances,” as I hear that part daily of course from these East Coast and PA constipated types in their perpetual epidemic of fatass and health issues with unlimited amounts of sugar and fat at hand here with fewer healthy options for the fit of us.

    Is the “Feats of Strength” like something amazing we did over the year that defied apparent odds, someone’s ass we kicked physically or virtually, the hot girl(s) we did, the regularity of morning double-doubles and overflows, or what? Damned if I know. :p

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