Happy Fetch-tivus!

Last week, we all came together to celebrate Festivus. You see, today is Fetch’s birthday and we figured we would choose one of two ways to celebrate it; and since we’re pretty sure you guys get enough Kansas posts from him on a regular basis, dedicating all of today’s posts to Kansas was out of the questions. So we settled on the other choice.

Today, we ask all of you, our loyal readers, to join us in celebrating Fetch-tivus! We won’t be making any donations in your name to the Human Fund, however, we do ask that you all use the comments section to air any grievances you have with Fetch.

Also: obligatory Beadle … in a Favre shirt, for Fetch.

Happy Fetch-tivus!



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3 responses to “Happy Fetch-tivus!

  1. Jerseyyo!

    I only demand one thing, a picture that defines your drunken escapades of the current 36 hour window we are currently in Fetch. Happy birthday.

  2. mrejr8234

    I demand the he stops using stats to compare players in basketball that play a different psotion. you mean a sg might have a lower rpg than a pf or c? ya dont say!

  3. tallguy

    May our mutual wish come true, fetch.

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