Just a Little Reminder…

You are currently viewing… the site of the YEAR:

Happy Birthday, Fetch.  And if Beadle sees this, the gift for LeeRoy Jenkins is in the mail.



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9 responses to “Just a Little Reminder…

  1. Just a little reminder: two times we’ve been on SportsNation, and two times they’ve shown a post penned by yours truly.

    /pats self on back.

  2. mrejr8234

    Just a little reminder: SOTY would have never been possible without me pimping this site.


  3. mrejr8234

    you know you should also add a author to each post so we know who wrote what crap.

  4. SC wrote a post. It’s a Fetch-tivus miracle!

  5. mrejr8234

    i can tell because i know how each of you write but new readers that are coming in from your SOTY win might not. dont argue with me son just fix it.

  6. 1) I agree with mrejr. Authors on posts.

    2) Where’s the other SN mention?

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