Fun With The NBA Trade Machine

I don’t know how regular of a feature this will be here, but I thought it would be cool for every once in awhile to take a look at ESPN’s NBA trade machine and try to make some trades. Some of these will be way out there and without a chance of ever happening, whereas some will make total sense. If you have any fun ones to suggest, toss them in the comments.

Trade 1: Cleveland trades LeBron James and two future #1 picks to OKC for Kevin Durant and Etan Thomas

Getting it started in a big way, eh? Obviously there’s no way either team would do this deal because there’s no way LeBron signs with OKC after the season, and there’s no way the Thunder are trading Durant. But it’s at least fun to talk about. With LeBron there OKC would be a team that at least had a chance to win the title, and Cleveland would be so bad that those two future #1 picks would actually be worth something. Still, this is more a fun hypothetical than anything else.

Trade 2: Chicago trades Kirk Hinrich to Lakers for Adam Morrison, Shannon Brown and Josh Powell

It’s no secret the Bulls are going to go after Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in the summer of 2010. It’s also no secret that the Lakers need a combo guard who can defend. Morrison, Brown and Powell are all expiring contracts and while the Bulls really wouldn’t be getting anything back for Hinrich, they would be shedding his salary (9.5 mil for three years) for tons of cap room, plus they would be in good lottery tank mode for perhaps a Xavier Henry.

The Lakers meanwhile are obviously in total going for it mode, but this is likely Derek Fisher’s last year, and I don’t know a soul who thinks Jordan Farmar is a starting PG in the league. Hinrich shot 41% from three last year and is a really good perimeter defender. I think this one works.

Trade 3: New York trades Danilo Gallinari and Jared Jeffries to Portland for Steve Blake and Juwan Howard

The Kings of prepping for 2010 are the Knicks. Blake and Howard are two expiring contracts who in Blake’s case at least can provide some present value. They also get rid of Jeffries’s contract. Hell, with Portland’s big man problems maybe they can convince them to take Curry’s contract, but I highly doubt it.

Portland on the other hand gets Jeffries, who doesn’t have a great contract but not a terrible one either. He could be a third big man on a title team, and he’s actually good for Portland because they need a big man, and next year he could play minutes when Oden is out with foul trouble. Gallinari meanwhile has been a pretty good shooter over the course of his NBA career, shooting 40% this season.

As we get closer to the trading deadline we will know a lot more about what needs the contenders have, and thus it will be a lot easier to come up with trades. And again, feel free to suggest yours in the comments.



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5 responses to “Fun With The NBA Trade Machine

  1. If the Bulls have a great pick, I can think of 3 guys I’d rather have than Henry. I think LAL wants to keep Shannon Brown too.

    I would love if the Bulls could pawn Luol or Kirk’s contracts though.

  2. mrejr8234

    i love the trade machine. i can come up with the best three team trades in the world that make absolutely no sense. it is a good time killer

  3. Paolo X

    See my post from December last decade “Ranking The NBA Contenders” for the base insight:

    along with my post preceding it for more background on why that list is not a mere power ranking but a power-depth projection into the postseason.

    Since then of course more teams have come around and a few have dropped stock though some of the trends spotted seem to be even more firmly in place.

    Some thoughts in no particular order for these ‘0.650’ teams:

    Eastern Conference

    No trade needed only Jameer Nelson to be fully recovered after his comeback recently.

    All the backups on the depth chart including also significant contributor Wallace are great game for bunched trades. Boston is just not deep enough, and chances are high that could hurt them ultimately in the playoffs as it did last year.

    Serious dealing advisable for anyone but James, Shaq, Moe Williams, Delonte West to deepen the contributing roster — they are playing great now but see Boston’s situation above.

    Could use some serious help from the bench in the forecourt — basically beyond all starters plus Jamal Crawford. Similar situation for lack of depth as Boston and Cleveland, but the Hawks at 9-7 on the road have dropped in high playoff advancement potential.

    Western Conference

    LA Lakers:
    Find someone else other than overrated Heinrich for the ailing point guard position I say. Otherwise a bunched trade is advisable for any players except the starters at the other positions plus Ron Artest.

    My prophecy of either Josh Howard or Shawn Marion going down from my post last month has come true, and Dallas now must buy insurance to replace Howard’s significant contribution at shooting guard to be missed on offense and defense with Barea not going to be able to make it all up especially on defense and even with Barea’s fine 3pt shooting. All else seems well to me except perhaps they could use better insurance for Shawn Marion than Tim Thomas too, who at 6-10 could make for part of a fine bunched trade.

    • Paolo X

      Note other teams with .600 records but with mediocre or shitty play on the road, which to me is a huge indicator of often just a bunch of talented players who are just not playing well as a team. Sometimes you can blame bad or inferior coaching too.

      Such inconsistency is the primary indicator to me of likely playoff disappointment however hot the team might be at home.

      Here’s a list of these teams in no particular order with their corresponding records on the road:

      Denver 7-10
      Portland 9-8
      San Antonio 5-6
      Phoenix 8-10
      Houston 10-9

    • SM

      Boston starting a backcourt of Tony Allen and JR Giddens. Not pretty

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