Should Player X Be In The NBA?

The NBA is the toughest professional league to break into. With just 12 players per roster X 30 teams that’s 360 roster spots to go around. There are almost that many teams in Division 1 basketball, and when  you factor in the highschoolers, players from Europe, and non-D1 college players, it’s tough to go from college to the NBA.

Yet, there are still a lot of NBA players who don’t bring anything to the table. JJ Redick can’t create his own shot, and can’t defend. Given that the Orlando Magic aren’t going to run their offense for Redick, he’s a pretty useless NBA player. Ditto for Adam Morrison, who couldn’t guard the chair he sits on every night.

I was going through some old boxscores on Statsheet, one of the best websites ever, last night trying to come up with a topic for a post today, and I noticed that there was a player who shut down the guy he was guarding, often first round and lottery picks, almost every time out, yet never got any credit for it (that I could find via Google anyways).

Said player wasn’t a great offensive player – he had a 49.4 TS% as a Frosh and a 57.8 TS% as a senior, so at least he improved – and as a point guard he was both high assists and high turnovers. But in my mind there’s no way you can convince me that he couldn’t be on the court the same time as Steve Nash in Phoenix, knowing that Nash doesn’t play defense and Player X wouldn’t be required to do much offensively.

I don’t want to say who player X is, since I don’t want name recognition to take over. If I say it is a former Florida player, Mr. Tomas Verde will post 5,000 comments saying he should be in the NBA. If I say it is a former UNC player, a certain someone (besides this author of course) would say no freakin way.

So, let’s highlight how some of his opponents did after the jump:

Sophomore season v. Mustafa Shakur

Shakur didn’t end up being a good pro, but I figured we would take some baby steps. For the season, Shakur had a 53.6 TS%, a 27.2 Assist rate, and a 22.8% TO rate. Shakur did shoot the ball well in this game, in part from being much better from the line, but his assist rate was a paltry 9% and his TO rate was 29%.

Sophomore season v. Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo is one of the best PGs in the NBA right now. He had an assist rate over 30% and a TO rate under 20% that year. He also shot 54% from two.

However, player X held him to just 2-7 (28.5%) from 2, and had just 3 assists compared to 2 Turnovers.

Sophomore season v. Daniel Gibson

Player X didn’t matchup with Gibson exclusively, but still managed to hold him to a 33 TS%, while forcing him into a 21 TO% with just a 20% assist rate.

Junior season v. Taurean Green

Green, a Senior who would point guard Florida to a national championship that year, would post a 58 TS%, a TO rate of 16%, and an assist rate of just 5%.

Junior season v. DJ Augustin

Augustin would be a lottery pick of the Bobcats, but in this game posted just a 2-6 from 2 and an 0-2 from three. He also had a TO rate of 39%, although he did have an assist rate of 26%

Senior season v. OJ Mayo

Mayo was the 4th overall pick, and had some great games his rookie year. But on this night he shot just 6-21, and only a 14% Assist rate.

Senior season v. Jerrod Bayless

Bayless is getting some run with the Blazers right now. In this game he had an assist rate of 17% and a TO rate of 42%

Senior season v. DJ Augustin

The future lottery pick this time went just 1-13 from the field, although he did have a better assist rate than TO rate.

Senior season v. Scottie Reynolds

Reynolds nearly got Villanova to the final four last year, but on this day went just 4-13, with 0 assists and 4 turnovers

Senior season v. Ty Lawson

We’ll finish off with this one. Lawson was considered the best point guard in college basketball the last two seasons. Player X held him to a 31 eFG, a 13% assist rate, and a 20% assist rate, all while having a good game himself on the other end of the floor.

Basically this is just a long winded version of saying that Player X absolutely should be in the NBA.

Feel free to add any thoughts.



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10 responses to “Should Player X Be In The NBA?

  1. mrejr8234

    um this is probably a long shot but does he play for kansas?

  2. mrejr8234

    mario chalmers

  3. mrejr8234

    russell robinson

  4. SM

    You are wrong on JJ who can shoot. He is a NBA rotation player and is better on Defense than other players, such as morrison because he can stick to SG. Yes he will get burned in 1 on 1 situations with top SG’s, but who wouldn’t. Most SG’s can be covered by a guy who can chase and fight through screens.

    Now the Defense questions is a good one but guys seem to be able to make it on just defense but can usually do another thing well, shoot the 3, rebound, etc. You could not leave Bowen open in the corner. If a guy cannot shoot, turns the ball over, is not an Oreb threat, or can be truly sagged off on D he hurts the team even if he can truly shut someone down on D (not very likely). Also how does he do on the pick an roll because at 6’3 who cares if he is a great defender if he can’t run through Dampier

  5. cassino

    Player Y averaged 26.5 points, 8 dimes, 4.8 boards, and 1.9 thefts in the D-League last year. Never got a shot in the NBA.

  6. Paolo X

    I was down on JJ Redick for awhile too, but this season in Orlando the stats show that he mixes in well with that deep squad. SM is spot on with his commentary on Redick and otherwise on this Player X.

    Player X has to be able to do more than one thing well other that solid defense to play in the NBA consistently. Otherwise if he is that solid on defense alone he will have a life perhaps of NBA journeyman/hackman on 10-day or so contracts mostly on the bench with lucking out on a playoff roster at best.

    Is this NBA post a new trend for the new decade on this site? I’m liking this trend on this site for more posts for the only basketball league in the US that really matters, the NBA, though it is slipping in popularity and is long overdue for a new commissioner.

    Consider the lameness and awful state of ESPN’s coverage of the NBA year-in year-out for example and some of the more frequent poor games covered by the great crew TNT nowadays too. But hey the increasingly irrelevant bojacks at ESPN can’t do much more well than shout Lebron! or Favre! any more anyway can they?

    This site needs something to carry it beyond March into June with the NBA after all, and how I wish it would cover the NFL too.

  7. cbh49er

    This site has Paolo? Consider me a reader.

    • Paolo X

      Hey thanks CBH…spread the word and Happy New Year.

      Fetch, Souvenir, and Tomas have been great to extend a hand like professionals, but I am just a commenter really with perhaps another NBA post down the road though I am pushing them for the NFL too whilst we have a few more weekends damnit! What happens after March after all?

      You probably know me because you came from another site I left on my own will in late November after its hypocrisy about free speech by its lame owner and his Dirty asshole assistant, so spread the word to more folks also there who have already stopped into this fine site. 😀

      This site kicks the ass of that other site even on college basketball and will continue to do so. TMZ Sports will kicks that site’s ass on the rest off the playing venue with Deadspin and ESPN already intimidated enough to comment on them.

      Even Michelle Beadle acknowledged that this site rocks.

      Even before that site’s withdrawn violent KKK post without explanation after a defense of its advocacy of violence by its owner, possibly only after a legal inquiry and existing gag order still in place, (ask around that site and you’ll get some the juicy details), that other site sucks ass on its football coverage whether college (which it hates) or NFL for which I have found other sites for at least the college game. It also sucks on its NBA coverage lest you are a Knicks or Cavs (err, I mean Lebron) fan. They hate the Lakers too.

      I am still searching for a site focused more on X’s and O’s for the NFL than on player personality bullshit (i.e. ESPN’s homer bojack chants of Brett Favre! Jets! Patriots! and so forth), but I am far from just doing my own such site on solid pro football as it is supposed to be played if it comes down to it.

      Note that right now even in the playoffs the Bengals and Ravens seem to be the only teams that I don’t believe are capable of playing well, and for the Texans it was too little too late.

      Note that the only reason I won’t pick the Patriots/Ravens game is because the Patriots really have a knack for screwing up without all their pieces in place.

      Other picks are
      Jets +3
      Dallas (no points)
      Arizona (no points and almost even anyway)

  8. SM

    Which former Rice pg with get more nba clock when all said an done? Robinson or Kemba Walker? Yes neither can shoot.

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