The Beadlemania Top 25

Hopefully every week throughout the season we will be rolling out our top 25. Since consensus would probably be impossible, each of our three writers independently submits his top 25, and then the values are averaged. Results and tidbits are below, first place votes in parentheses.

1. Kansas (2)

2. Texas (1)

3. Purdue

4. Kentucky

5. Duke

6. West Virginia

7. Wisconsin

8. Michigan State

9. Villanova

10. North Carolina

11. Kansas State

12. Georgetown

13. Syracuse

14. BYU

15. UConn

16. Tennessee

17. New Mexico

18. Minnesota

19. Washington

20. Ole Miss

21. Mississippi St.

22. Miami

23. Clemson

24. Georgia Tech

25. Ohio State

Also Receiving Votes: Temple, Texas Tech, Butler, Pitt, Cal, William and Mary, Florida St.

Fun fact, I actually put Michigan State on my ballot twice and it took me about 10 minutes until I figured out my mistake. Only one person voted for Ohio State, two voted for Georgia Tech, Clemson, Miami and Miss. St.

Other than the top 2 spots, the closest our three writers came to agreeing was Duke. Two of us voted them 5th, while one had them 3rd.

Edit: Tomas Verde makes a good point that I forgot to mention. These ballots were filed either last night or this morning, a.k.a. before North Carolina lost.



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2 responses to “The Beadlemania Top 25

  1. Should note that these ballots were filled this afternoon BEFORE UNC lost.

  2. I see I’m the only one that crapped on KU for that Bill Self cupcake-fest of a schedule so far. It should be noted that I fucking hate Texas too. That wasn’t easy.

    /go fuck yourSelf, Bill
    //he is getting fat too

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