Yay Arkansas-Pine Bluff!

Don't look at porn in the library. I learned that the hard way.

Going into last night’s game against Mississippi Valley State, Arkansas-Pine Bluff was a big fat 0-11. However, as the oracle referred to in a rare blog post, that record comes with a big fat asterisk. Because of APB’s athletic budget, they have to play a ton of true road games, guarantee games, to raise some cash. As a result, they won’t play a home game, or anything other than a true road game because they didn’t play in a tournament, until January 16th.

APB hasn’t lost a game by 20 points this year, which might be a whooptee do stat, but when you note they’ve played at Arizona State, Michigan, Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, Missouri and Kansas State, that is a very impressive mark.

Because the SWAC is so bad, and because APB has been better than they’ve looked, they are actually projected as having just under a 12% chance of going undefeated in their conference. Given that they have a ton of experience (17th most experienced team in the country in fact) I think they can do it.

Chalk one up last night. APB went to Mississippi Valley State and won 69-68 in OT. They shot almost the exact same from the field (50.9 eFG to 51 eFG), and neither team scored a point per possession, not shocking considering that APB was at 99.1 per 100 before the game, and MVS was at just 86.7 per 100.

Next up for APB: Alabama State. Woof. 2-0 in conference here we come.



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5 responses to “Yay Arkansas-Pine Bluff!

  1. There have been like 5 spam comments get through in the past couple days. Yet Cassino still can’t. Fair enough.

  2. Paolo X

    Great photo but how about a solid porn link (coded to protect yourself from those leering often irresponsibly unsupervised kiddies)?

    Yes I know most of us have all seen enough of it online and know where to go to see it for free without even signing up right now, but hey if you bring it up why not give us a taste to make our day?

    Anything to heat up things in most of the country though I am leaving PA for sunnier places later this year!

  3. arkbadger

    it’s funny that they put a picture of a white girl on an actual uapb picture since, you know, it’s a historically black school.

    • Paolo X

      This is great then, so how about some fine hotass ebony porn links then?

      My last hot gf was black, and another girl I am chasing now is too. πŸ˜€

      Lest you get any ideas only because perhaps you live in some Jerkwater Whiteout town full of mostly skanks and ninnies, I like all women who are spicy and with flava. πŸ˜›

      Call me a globalist in that regard but never politically. πŸ˜€

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