Open Threadage, Brah

Since the other people on the Beadlemania team are too lazy to write anything, and I was busy all day (shoveling. Seriously there’s like 15 inches out there /twss) I figured I’d toss up an open thread. Your games of consequence are:



Wisconsin/Michigan State

Duke/Iowa State


*Seriously, upset potential in this one.

Feel free to jam out about whatever you want below.

Beadlemaniacs, out.



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14 responses to “Open Threadage, Brah

  1. I was busy getting my cable installed and getting reconnected to the world. My head still hurts a little from yesterday too.

    I’ll be watching Cuse when I get home and Kobe tonight. My new roommate is a huge NBA fan. Sadly, he likes LeFailure.

    • Do you know him or is he a random?

    • Paolo X

      Damn Souvenir you know how to create a real bummer out of Hawkeye victory jubilation do you?

      You get a new roommate who can’t stop talking about Lebron like all the Cavs fans, because other than the occasional mention of Shaq that’s all they can talk about for your celebration?

      What the heck did you drink or smoke last night? Sounds like some bad hooch to me.

      Thanks for the reminder on the Lakers though.

      And tell your roommate to read my last NBA post in the comments in response to the one on “Player X” for some objective reality check if he can bother to get his eyes off BSPN chanting religiously “Lebron” unlike most bojack douchebag loser fans of the Cavs based largely in Cleveland, Jerkwater, or Circlejerk Ohio.

  2. tallguy

    Duke is trying to make me drink the koolaid…looking good so far.

  3. Paolo X

    Hey Souvenir congrats on your Hawkeyes, whom I did not think would pull it off. What could have been had Stanzi been there in top form all along including in that woeful game against Indiana.

    I have sent over plenty of copy to you guys, but some of it would be only timely in case certain topics come in the media. What happened did Fetch lose all those articles over the holidays!?

    If you are looking for NFL content, there you go, and I am ready for another NBA post after the All-Star break in late February at that.

  4. Paolo X

    NFL picks anyone else? Even just for entertainment purposes only?

    Jets +3
    Dallas To Win No Points
    Arizona To Win No Points

    Pass on Balt/NE

    Yes I have some skin on some of these too.

    (And you should know never to ask which ones until after the games — no jinxing allowed)

  5. Paolo X

    Hey that photo needs a serious modification. The chick altogether not the tits!

    On that Fiesta Bowl, wow did Fox mail it in or what? What a real expose` of a stadium full of Wal-Mart faithful too. Geez Wal-Mart is alright if convenient to you, but man did they have to shove that awful shopper image in our faces in that game including the woeful halftime show?

    And awful football too that did not help the case of the Mountain West and the WAC for sake of more of a chance in the BCS or otherwise. Geez even Cincinnati might have beaten either team they way they played.

    Those three teams indeed are overmatched by the competition in bigger conferences this year represented in the BCS except perhaps for Oregon and Georgia Tech, which I remain convinced could not have defeated more than likely any of those teams due to basic defensive flaws and inconsistent play at the very least.

  6. Appreciate the salute Paolo.

    Fetch – I’ve known him for about 3 years now. Used to be co-workers.

  7. Paolo X

    In searching for better TCU chicks, I came across this ad. I think I can pass the baton to someone else now.

    This is for Shake Weight, apparently the Christmas gift that keeps on giving that we all missed out on giving our chicks damnit!

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