2009-10 Big East All-Name Team

The All-Name Team will be a reoccurring feature here at Beadlemaniacs. How often it will run remains to be seen, but rest assured, by the time the season is over an All-Name team for each conference will be unveiled. Each edition of the All-Name Team will consists solely of a starting five. Today, we take a look at the Big East.

There are a handful of quality games between ranked opponents today, but possibly the most intriguing matchup is the one going down on ESPN as I write this: Georgetown and UConn. Both of those teams reside in the Big East, so I thought it would be great to debut the Big East All-Name Team today.

G – Cashmere Wright, Cincinnati. Wright is a freshman guard for the Bearcats who is averaging almost 5 points a game. His stats have no bearing on his spot on this team. However, the fact that his first name is a homonym for a great Led Zepellin song, is all the reason in the world for him to make this team.

G – Junior Cadougan, Marquette. Cadougan is a freshman (not a junior, as his name might suggest), that has yet to see the floor for Marquette this season. Again, on-court performance has nothing to do with this team. The reason he made this team is because every time I read his last name, it makes me think of Street Fighter.

F – Tomasz Kokosinski, Rutgers. Kokosinski (go on, say the name, it’s fun) is a homegrown talent from New Jersey (he went to high school just 82 miles from Seaside Heights. Jersey Shore, represent!). He’s a walk-on for Rutgers, and also made the Big East All-Academic team last season. I think his name alone deserves a fist pump.

Fist Pump!

Fist pump like a champ.

F – Mookie Jones, Syracuse. Mookie. Enough said.

C – Mouphtaou Yarou, Villanova. Yeah, I know, another freshman. Sorry, but I can’t help the fact that all the best names in this conference belong to freshmen. Also, what would one of the All-Name Teams be without a foreign player on it?  Yarou hails from Benin, and just started playing basketball in 2004, after growing up playing mostly soccer.



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2 responses to “2009-10 Big East All-Name Team

  1. Paolo X

    Can’t wait for you guys to move to the new server and beef up this site …

    3-3 with one pass (I chose to make no pick for NE/Baltimore, and balls to any of those who chose to pick the Ravens on the money line/no points) on my NFL today with 2-2 on real change 😀

    And perhaps the best part? EVERY single sports guy on the pre-game shows on ESPN and on Fox chose the Packers! Eat shit again MSM!

    “Conformity is the enemy of freedom and the jailer of growth”


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