Big Monday: Open Threadage

It’s January, which means two things for college basketball fans: the start of conference play, and the return of Big Monday on ESPN. We try to do open threads around here for most big primetime games, and thus, every — or at least, most — Mondays, we will have an some open threadage for all of you to discuss the games, and life, or whatever it is you want to talk about.

On tap for tonight: a Big East throw down between 4th-ranked Villanova and host, Louisville (or Lullvull, as the locals pronounce it… trust me on this one). That game’s at 7, Eastern time. After that, we get an in-state Big 12 matchup with Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. Biggest reason to watch that game: the chance that Tiny Gallon shatters another backboard.

Let the festivities begin. By the way, tonight, the house rules are BYOB, since I’ll likely be working part of the night. And as usual, don’t break any of SouvenirCity’s Starting Lineup figurines… he hates when people mess with those things.



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51 responses to “Big Monday: Open Threadage

  1. tallguy

    So…how bad does Nova beat Louisville? I say 20.

  2. tallguy

    sheesh, it’s time for a standard “you could build the Great Wall with all these bricks” comment.

  3. So how much money do you have on this game, Fetch?

  4. tallguy

    I’m sorry, but ‘Nova has no excuse for being abused by this press…they’ve got the perfect setup for breaking any press: a pivot and 4 guys that can dribble. Did Wright wake up this morning and forget that Pitino presses?

  5. mrejr8234


    /just doing what i was told

  6. tallguy

    Great, Karl Hess is reffing…get ready for some extremely questionable calls for Louisville followed by a Jay Wright ejection for sneezing at the wrong time.

  7. So I’m going to graduate by taking the minimum amount of credits.


  8. mrejr8234

    You’re going to graduate?


    so how come fetch has been getting burned all day today? because that was a sicktastic burn.

    /respeck knucks to tomas.

  9. I hate you all and all your teams suck.

    /especially Duke
    //TM spencer096

  10. Hey Alyssa Milano is guesting on Castle right now.

    /beats whatever else is on

  11. Damnit. I miss another open thread. I am getting to see the end of this Bedlam game though.

  12. Paolo X

    Kick ass Fetch …graduate, get the piece of paper, put it on your wall or stow it away, and then join the fight for decent jobs with decent benefits like the rest of us irrespective of your college track record. 😀 So of course you have figured out to party it up in the meantime like most, and I sure as fuck don’t blame you because things are harder to find work for which I am not overqualified for me now irrespective of experience than when I was graduated back in 1994. Several reasons for many in the same position for another discussion, but most of them are in Washington DC and New York City. East Coast fucks.

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