Despite Contrary Reports, Sooners Good at Basketball

It’s pretty well known that I’m not a huge Big 12 fan.  Mostly because of football and the traitorous Bill Self.  But when I looked at KenPom last night after the Bedlam game and saw that Oklahoma was ranked 28th in the country in offensive turnover efficiency and then started looking at some of their main contributors I must say…

The Big 12 is pretty fucking good at basketball.

The Sooners are, record-wise, the worst team in the Big 12 along with Colorado.  Oklahoma State on the other hand is probably seen as a team that could sneak its way to the 2nd weekend in March.  The Sooners actually turned the ball over more than the Cowboys last night in Norman, but they actually won the contest.

In a decade that has seen the Big East and ACC be the dominant conferences for the most part, the Big 12 is starting to make a case this season to change that.

Tomas showed you Tiny Gallon and his ridiculous dunking aptitude.  Willie Warren is a bonafide go-to-player.  We all know that Kansas and Texas have been the most impressive teams in the country to start the season.  When I first came on to write a post, I was actually trying to think of a way to not have the Big 12 as the best conference in the country but I just can’t do it in good faith.  We can no longer really say that the Big 12 is too top heavy and the ACC or Big East is more balanced.

With Duke’s loss on Sunday and Carolina quickly coming apart at the seams, there’s some questions to be answered.  Georgia Tech is a solid squad but I’m really starting to wonder why I had Miami in my ballot so high after looking at their schedule so far.

Texas, Kansas, K-State and Missouri all have shots at making it to regional finals.  I can’t say that of any other four teams in a conference.



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9 responses to “Despite Contrary Reports, Sooners Good at Basketball

  1. I feel like the Pac-10 isn’t getting the respect they deserve.

  2. Paolo X

    Harry Solomon Truman …the biggest jackass for president until LBJ. The rest of you can argue for W Bush if you like because perhaps you know hardly anything about LBJ, but LBJ was the worst.

    In any case, remember never to vote again for any candidate president from Texas. 😛

    God bless Texas but fuck ’em high and hard with the longhorns of steers for sake of national politicians. Add a few Cowboys’ fans with W in da house of course too.

    • tallguy

      LBJ was a tremendous dick (Secret Service stories about him are fucking awesome), but it’s really really hard to argue against his legacy…the dude accomplished more in his presidency than any other post WWII president.

      • Paolo X

        Tallguy oh c’mon LBJ was the originator of the debt problem we have today and the worst of all worlds save his push to have civil right’s legislation passed. No shocker I can’t disagree with you otherwise.

        Credit LBJ for that accomplishment alone but please spare us the rest on the jerk of a guy who had JFK and his brother offed as well as plunged the country into a lost war and wasted any surplus we had on mostly failed social programs.

        Comparing Bush’s, err Darth Cheney’s, record of a won war in Iraq that was expensive, a failing indefinite War on Terror, his father’s failed phony “War On Drugs”, Bush’s failed Medishit spending to subsidise mostly BigPharma, destroying what remained of the middle class, allowing greedy-ass Wall Street types and cronies to destroy the entire world’s financial infrastructure, and putting in place a fascist domestic framework that persists even under Obama in the name of course of “national security,” but with some communist flavours added to what Obama inherited, and you have quite the tough call between those two jackasses from Texas as to which is the worst of all time.

  3. Paolo X

    I am no college basketball fan at all since the days of Kobe skipping out, but I’ll wait for the next power ranking analysis that explains the rankings for each teams beyond just hype surrounding the single star player as seems to be the norm a whole lot in college basketball.

    When that dude gets hurt, usually that program takes a dive and just does not do much in the NCAA tourney. This does not happen nearly to the same degree in the NBA with definitely more guys to step it up more often.

  4. mrejr8234

    i find it fitting that you used a picture of a dude holding a headline that wrong

    • Paolo X

      Mr Ejr do you understand the concept of historical irony perhaps? I think it was a double-entendre` by the wily commenter probably Bert Fetch.

      Maybe he will weigh in to explain, but maybe better not and he’ll leave us to try and figure out his wily scheme on future posts after the server migration. 😛

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