Top 25 as of 1.12.09

We’ve installed it at the top of the page and will for the foreseeable future but here’s what the Top 25 boiled out to this past week.  Votes were cast as of 1.12.09:

1. Texas (3)

2. Kansas

3. Kentucky

4. Syracuse

5. Purdue

6. Duke

7. Villanova

8. West Virginia

9. Tennessee

10. Wisconsin

11. Michigan St

12. Kansas St

13. Georgetown

14. BYU

15. UConn

16. Missouri

17. Georgia Tech

18. Baylor

19. Minnesota

20. Pitt

21. Miami

22. Northern Iowa

23. North Carolina

24. Temple

25. Clemson

Also Receiving Votes: Pitt, Gonzaga, Cal, Florida State, New Mexico

Interesting Tidbits from this week: Only one person had Northern Iowa, UNC, and Temple on his ballot, while all 3 of us ranked Clemson, yet the aforementioned three are ranked higher than Clemson. Also, two people ranked Florida State yet they find themselves on the outside of the poll.

Duke was ranked 6th, 7th and 8th by our three pollsters. Purdue was ranked 4th, 6th and 6th.

And I will say this: Tomas Verde and Souvenir City’s polls were remarkably similar.



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7 responses to “Top 25 as of 1.12.09

  1. Yeah… I ranked BYU twice. Probably why FSU isn’t ranked.

    I need an editor.

  2. SM

    Pitt at 20 and also receiving votes, nice

  3. SM

    Gtech and Miami both go down. \

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  5. Paolo X

    “And I will say this: Tomas Verde and Souvenir City’s polls were remarkably similar.”

    Fetch you trying to mix it up with them or you just sayin’?

    Also, which one is the Ernie if Fetch is the Bert?

    /Post Instigated

  6. mrejr8234

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by mrejr8234 maker.

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