Thursday Open Thread: St. Meh-ry’s Zags and Big East

You don’t have a whole lot of choices in either the association or the college ranks tonight.  St. Mary’s and Gonzaga battle for WCC supremacy.  Like a regular season version of the Fiesta Bowl.  Gonzaga, as Fetch has beaten into your brain, isn’t even a second weekend threat this season.  Outside of Omar Samhan, St. Mary’s isn’t really exciting either.

The Big East game on the other hand…

Reminds me a little of Oklahoma and Oklahoma St a few days ago.  Much like the Sooners, the Pirates are extremely efficient in ball possession and turnovers.  Seton Hall came back against West Virginia with snipers Jeremy Hazell and Jamel Jackson.  G-Town does have home court tonight but their only home loss in D.C. came against an unexpected Old Dominion team.

Or you could watch the Zags.

I’m probably glossing over what Tomas and Fetch are likely to be glued to.


My roommate is going to a bar in Chicago this weekend to see these people.  How they are getting so much press and appearances… well, it’s all right there in that 2 second, epic GIF.  I’m sure Manor will be filled with bronzer, fist pumping and dance fighting. I shit you not people, these kinds of places exist everywhere.

I’ll take Seton Hall in an upset by 2 over the Hoyas.  Turnovers will kill Georgetown at home.  I’m almost obligated to post this video too… so, I will.



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15 responses to “Thursday Open Thread: St. Meh-ry’s Zags and Big East

  1. tallguy

    Are you fucking kidding me? Last night, there was 4 top 20 teams facing off and no open thread. Tonight, you’ve got two WCC teams, one of which Fetch detests, and there’s an open thread.

  2. I do think the Big East game will be competitive. Worth watching if you’re not into the guidos.

  3. Instead of St. Meh-rys, I prefer Yawn-zaga

  4. Hawks leading 1-0. Blue Jackets look really slow.

  5. Is the organ more important to a baseball game or a hockey game? These are the things that keep me up at night.

  6. SM

    Dellavedova is pretty good.

  7. Paolo X

    Damn Fetch is a playa who is all over the place. Do you play that “maybe I can be converted” or “I’ve always thought about being a switch hitter” card?
    Or is her bf a real bojack with a douchebag bald head and goatee a la Jim Cramer, the most overdone douchebag look in the country even more than on Jersey Shore, and that is your revenge akin to that of another jealous woman with another girl’s bf?
    Careful out there Bert Fetch or you’ll end up getting your ass kicked by a real hoss and his posse lest you implement a bit more Ernie into your game and know always your quick abort/exit strategy.
    And what is this skirmish here between Tomas and Fetch? Would that be called a cat fight or a hissy fit or what? Is Tomas the Ernie of this site?
    Maybe that Souvenir can explain all this it sounds too complicated for a bunch of guys just talking sports.

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