Week Of January 18th Top 25

Hey we got one of these out on Monday! This will be updated at the little tab up top as well so you can look throughout the week.

1. Texas (3)

2. Kansas

3. Kentucky

4. Villanova

5. Syracuse

6. Duke

7. Kansas State

8. Michigan State

9. Tennessee

10. West Virginia

11. Wisconsin

12. Purdue

13. Georgetown

14. Pitt

15. BYU

16. Georgia Tech

17. Clemson

18. Northern Iowa

19. Ohio State

20. Temple

21. Mizzou

22. Ole Miss

23. Baylor

24. Butler

25. Gonzaga

Also Receiving Votes: Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Maryland, New Mexico, Marquette

Quick commentary: I have to come right out and say that I don’t agree with Duke’s placement at all. They’re ranked #1 in KenPom (I had them three on my ballot) and are very very solid in the backcourt, the most important position in college basketball. I also had BYU a lot higher than where they are ranked here, as well as Northern Iowa.

Gonzaga is ranked 25th despite receiving votes from only one Beadlemaniac, while Mississippi State got votes from 2. I had Wisconsin, BYU and Northern Iowa the highest, while I had Kentucky the lowest.

List your grievances here.



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9 responses to “Week Of January 18th Top 25

  1. You had Kentucky lower than me? How is that possible?

  2. tallguy

    I can’t disagree with Duke’s placement, not with 2 losses. I’m just glad that UNC’s not ranked.

    I’ll be honest, I’m kinda hoping that UK runs the table…and then becomes the first #1 seed to lose in the first round. I can’t think of a bigger stomach punch to the worst fanbase in all of sports.

  3. Whoever* ranked Gonzaga is a hackfraud.

    *I may or may not be said hackfraud.

    • Paolo X

      Tomas, is this a contination of that lover’s quarrel or whatever it was last week between you and Fetch? Are you Ernie and he’s Bert? Explain perhaps please to us what is going on behind the posts between you and Fetch? Cat fight or what the heck is this called?

      • Haha no animosity Paolo. Not on my end anyways.

        • Paolo X

          Cool Fetch …did you cut any good farts and/or watch the NFL games this weekend too?

          For the NFL I went only 2-2 on my picks (Saints, Colts) for wins but wisely did not put any skin in the game this past weekend due to the lousy lines that in the end did not matter in any of the games for the point spreads.

          The first weekend I went 3-0 overall and 2-0 with skin with a wise pass on picking Ravens/Patriots.

          Ignore the media hype on the Jets too, as they won only because even with San Diego’s sucky offense, San Diego’s kicker Kaeding, the finest kicker in the league this season when you examine the stats, missed two of his kicks from 40 yards and 36 yards wide left that I can make on those excellent field conditions if not on inferior ones some days.

          Next weekend’s picks:
          Colts to win no points
          Vikings +4
          Saints/Vikings O52

  4. mrejr8234

    you guys should start ranking kansas insanely low just to piss fetch off.

  5. SM

    Gonzaga should be ranked and would love to know why they were only on A ballot. 14-3 (two of which are in your top 8) and win over a top team, Wisco, and decent mid road/ nit fodder Cinci, Illi, OK, Wash St
    (is the answer because they rank low in KenPom and scoring margin sucks)

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