Nothin But Net

Wow, it’s been awhile since we’ve done links eh? Here’s your stuff to read over the weekend….

An argument for Evan Turner as POY (Sparty and Friends)

Taking a look at the John Brady legacy (Storming the Floor)

Ranking some mid-majors (Mid Majority)

Penn State enjoys chuckers (Big 10 Geeks)

A Wisonsin preview by a Michigan Blog (M Go Blog)

Not a fan of losing to DePaul (Cracked Sidewalks)

Debating meaningless things. His words, not mine. (Hardwood Paroxysm)


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One response to “Nothin But Net

  1. Paolo X

    The links strategy has been field tested many times over and proven to work, so great call and please more when you go to your new server!

    And dudes what the heck is the deal with that photo especially with Beadle in it with that heinous loose shirt to cover up the body.

    The shirt is sure spicy but she is not at all and really playing East Coast ninnie again akin to her voice and conduct with that Cowherd douche on air even though Cowherd sure has improved his radio show.

    Major improvement needed if you wish to really dedicate this site to her. My recommendation would be only tight and tight-ass outfits for her. Do her some justice too because that’s not only what the people want but what they need! 😀

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