Chandler Parsons: Clutch

Everyone loves stats, so let’s drop a little knowledge right now. Currently, Florida’s basketball team is ranked 272nd in the nation, and 11th in the SEC, in three-point percentage at 31.3 percent on the season. Not that good.

Don’t bring that stat up to Chandler Parsons, because he’s got another stat for you: Parsons is 2-for-2 (that’s 100 percent) from beyond the arc, with the game on the line at the buzzer. Yeah, it’s a stat I made up for the purpose of this post, but it’s a stat nonetheless.

You may recall that a few weeks ago, Parsons made what we dubbed the front-runner for the shot of the year, thus far, against NC State when he drilled a three-quarters court shot at the buzzer. Well, Saturday night at the O’Dome, he did it again. Only this time, it was from just beyond the arc, and the crowd was elated instead of heartbroken.  Here’s the video footage. Enjoy.



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  1. A post? By not me? On a weekend?

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