Open Thread: Big Monday/Aussie Open

Good bye Ana Ivanovic, Hellooooo Victoria Azarenka

Tonight we have back to back marquee matchups in Big Monday for the first time in a couple weeks. The Big East game is a matchup of top 15 teams as Syracuse, 3rd in KenPom, welcome in 14th ranked Georgetown. Wes Johnson is the obvious playmaker in the first game, but Andy Rautins is quietly having a heck of a season for the Orange(men). Georgetown has been very poor turnover-wise on both sides of the ball this year, which spells doom against the Syracuse zone. I’m taking the Cuse at home.

In the nightcap, Kansas takes on archrival Missouri. In a post I wrote for the Kansas blog Rock Chalk Talk, I mapped out how Missouri, even though they haven’t gotten any national pub, is basically a carbon copy of the team they had last year. It will be a very tough game for the Jayhawks, and an exciting one for impartial fans as Missouri plays a very uptempo, exciting style of basketball.

In tennis action, Andy Roddick takes on Marin Cilic which should be good times, and Andy Murray takes on Rafa Nadal, which I am undoubtedly staying up until 3 AM for.

Stop by and comment it up people. Also, topic of discussion for tonight: Wednesday is apparently a huge night for college bball. I had no idea (shit I sounded like TBL there. fuck fuck fuck). Would you guys want an open thread for Wednesday as well?

Mmmm. Legs. OK I’m done I promise.



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13 responses to “Open Thread: Big Monday/Aussie Open

  1. mrejr8234

    fetch the silence treatment is killing me.

    /cranks NFG’S “If you don’t know me by now”

  2. Nothing more awkward, then awkward silence. I’ll admit.

  3. tallguy

    2 games tonight involving ranked teams…9 games on Wednesday. Monday’s just an odd night for college bball, considering that most teams have a game either Sat. or Sun. Basically, the Big 12 and the Big East sold their teams out for air time on ESPN.

    So to answer your question, yes to the Wednesday open thread.

  4. 14-0 …incredible. I bet cuse still win’s though.

  5. After it took me like 5 mins to find a good picture of that chick I’m starting to doubt her hotness.

    I watched her match this morning from like 6-8 AM while I was drunk as a skunk

    • Paolo X

      I don’t know who of you has been putting up the past posts of chicks on here, but Fetch if you picked this spicy hot-ass chick out whilst drunk you are onto something and keep it up for that new server.

      And forget that business about sounding anything like that TBL jackass — you are not into instruction on violence are you?

      Just stick with your fine program and off to the new server.

      Oh yeah up high and hard on the asses of all those douchebag Jets’ FANS not the players and coaching staff who played well (don’t get me wrong not by my hands they can go fuck themselves as usual).

      Go Colts! šŸ˜€

  6. Fetch, you wanna know what I do when a party usually starts slow? I order strippers. Now just do the internet version of that and we should be okay.

  7. I am considering breaking my 5 year old McDonalds embargo for a Big Mac wrap

    • tallguy


      It’s just a crappy hamburger with 1000 island dressing with a wrap instead of a bun. If you’re going to break a MickeyD’s embargo, at least do it for an Oreo McFlurry.

    • Paolo X

      First is In ‘n’ Out Burger for those of you in CA,NV, and I think AZ.

      Then Kau’aina burger but only in Hawai’i.

      Then Wendy’s or Steak ‘n’ Shake dude. That’s about it worth posting about.

      /Recycled Burger Debate Post Ramblings
      //Fuck wraps except for real Mexican food

  8. Yes to Wednesday thread. My Monday night class blows and the pictures on these threads keep me sane.

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