Beadlemaniacs Top 25

This week we see a new #1 in the top 25 as previous #1 Texas lost twice last week.

1. Kansas (2)

2. Syracuse

3. Kentucky (1)

4. Villanova

5. Texas

6. Michigan State

7. Duke

8. Georgetown

9. Kansas State

10. West Virginia

11. BYU

12. Purdue

13. Tennessee

14. Wisconsin

15. Temple

16. Ohio State

17. Pitt

18. Northern Iowa

19. Georgia Tech

20. Baylor

21. Maryland

22. Temple

23. Butler

24. Ole Miss

25. UConn

Also receiving votes: Gonzaga, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, New Mexico

For the first time in Beadlemaniacs history, a team that received a #1 vote isn’t one of the top 2 ranked teams in the country. Kentucky, who is undefeated, is 3rd in our rankings based both on a fairly weak schedule and not an elite statistical performance.

BYU gets to 11 based on one of us putting them in the top 5 (I’ll let you guess as to who that is), Texas stays in the top 5 due to their elite defense.

For the first week all year, I don’t put Duke supremely high in the ratings due to their good standing in the KenPom ratings. But the biggest surprise of the poll this week, easily, is..

I had Gonzaga in my top 25.



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34 responses to “Beadlemaniacs Top 25

  1. I had Gonzaga in my top 25.

    I didn’t. Nor did I rank UConn, Ole Miss or Butler. I was close with Butler, but not the other two. DePaul nearly made my Top 25 with that HUGE win against Marquette.

    You guys must’ve had Syracuse high.

  2. Oh…. and BYU is a FRAUD of TCU/Boise State football program proportions.

  3. tallguy

    Here’s a question…how is GaTech ranked, but FSU not even getting a vote?

    /food for thought
    //FSU swept the season series, if you didn’t know
    ///you probably didn’t

    • Head to head, as weird as this sounds, doesn’t carry as much weight with me. Especially when one game is in OT and the other is decided by 2 points.

      That said, I probably should have ranked FSU

      • Paolo X

        Fetch, you know that does sound weird, but actually your method is better after the week of the defeat of any given team.
        Consider that in college basketball such teams in conference are unlikely to meet in the NCAA tourney where it counts anyway. I never bought or gave a rat’s ass about conference tourneys as do not most folks lest they are conference homers.
        Matchups with other teams trump head-to-head as weird as it does sound on the surface. This is usually not the case with other sports including even the NBA in basketball.

    • I had meant to rank FSU, and had them written down while filling out my ballot. But it was late and I guess I took them out and replaced them with Vandy (I think). Could’ve sworn I had ranked them, because I definitely took into consideration the sweep of GT.

  4. Ace Duncan

    What will Kentucky have to do to earn your No. 1 ranking? They have games coming up against Vandy (home and away), Tennessee (home and away) and at Mississippi State. Any of those games worthy enough, or do they need to run the table through the Tournament?

  5. SM

    Gonzaga not being ranked is just crazy. It shows too much reliance on Kenpom. Even still if you think the wins are based more on ‘luck’ they still occured and there is a likely chance that they end with 5 or less wins, two of those being your own top 7 teams. The big wins were also all neutral or away and teams that Maryland could not beat.

    • As dumb as this is going to sound, I don’t want us to do results based rankings at all. Otherwise we’re no different than a slightly more intelligent version of the AP.

      We (or I do anyways, I’m assuming the others do too) look at much more than just KenPom.

      And I had Gonzaga in my rankings.

      • SM

        Its cool if you do not want to do results based rankings (no Marquette or Cal love), but the thing with Gonzaga is that they might not lose again. If its true talent level rankings or who wins on a neutral court is higher, than I can understand a little more, Is this the guiding force?

        • For me it’s the neutral court thing. You’d have to ask the other 2 about their philosophies on ranking. It’s kind of dumb that we don’t have a unified way of ranking I guess, but I like that we all have different ways of ranking teams.

          • I use a very formulaic and scientific method to come up with my rankings each week.

            /darts and a board of team names

            • I like to typically only rank the teams I’ve at least seen once. Otherwise, I’m just looking at numbers.

              That being said, there’s a handful of teams in my poll that I haven’t seen. A lot of mine is talent based and how far I think they’ll get in the tournament.

              I just don’t see the Zags making it out of the first weekend which means they’re not in the top 32.

      • Paolo X

        I applaud this strategy by Fetch in ranking teams.

        By analogy I do much the same for the NBA to get away from the ESPN and dumbass mass hype like in NFL gambling a la betting against the virtual media unanimity on Green Bay Packers in the playoffs, on the Giants against Favre’s Packers in 2007, against the sentiment that was anti-Cardinals in 2008, and so forth. Yes I made out ahead in each instance and each of those seasons for the playoffs betting away from the masses of asses, and it works not just in gambling. (Mind you I am 8-2 in these playoffs after a mediocre season under .500, but I am not going to jinx myself yet and post my picks later probably via e-mail.) It is imprudent to go only by record or worst of all East Coast media hype, of which there is disproportionately way more in college basketball when there are good teams in the Northeast. Via that annoying Dickie V especially in that regard.

        An NBA new post is due by your invitation when you get to the new server and in late February about a week after that All-Star break that I loathe. Yeah I am itchin’ to do it.

        (Stop unless you are big fan of All Star weekend or you are like me totally the opposite)

        If you have ever had the All Star game come to your town as did I in Washington DC and in Las Vegas, you know damn well what I am talking about even more if you loathe it.

        That weekend despite what Cuban said is like the game — all show for mostly only the wannabes, idas, and lamest of the fans with few implications for the season and few contributions to the actual game except any introductions to new moves as they take place during the regular season normally anyway.

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