The Best Player You Haven’t Heard Of (Yet)

Now, it’s entirely possible you have heard of this player, but I have always wanted to write a headline like that so for funzies I am going to assume you haven’t (unless you go by the internet handle CRM that is). So today, we would like to introduce you to BYU’s Jimmer Fredette.

This might not be the best time to bring him up, as BYU lost to New Mexico last night, but Fredette is having an amazing season. His per game averages are nice: 20.5 pts, 2.9 rebs and 5.1 assists, but if you take a deeper look he is having just an incredible season.

Fredette has an offensive rating of 122.2, which among players who play 40% of a team’s minutes, ranks first in the country. His True shooting percentage of 62.9 is 68th, and one of the highest amongst 6’5″ or shorter players who have shot less than 100 threes.

Fredette is shooting roughly 50% from 2, which is great for a guard, and late in games he is a huge asset for the Cougars, shooting roughly 90% from the line. Fredette is one of the rare players who needs to take more threes: He is shooting 45% from beyond the arc, but has only attempted 84 threes.

Fredette also has tons of assists: dishing out assists at a rate of 31.3, which is 77th in the country. His assist rate is also nearly double his turnover rate, which is 16.5%

Fredette is the main reason why the Cougars are ranked, and a virtual lock for the NCAA Tournament, and once March comes you will be hearing his name a lot more. Just promise you will send this post to Seth Davis at CBS when you do.



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9 responses to “The Best Player You Haven’t Heard Of (Yet)

  1. You got the skin color and timezone correct, but
    Luke Babitt is the best player nobody has heard of.

  2. tallguy

    I’ve got a small request. Can you make the top banner a link to the front page.

  3. Moun-tain Wh-est? What does this have to do with Batman?

  4. and how about knowing who wrote a post?

  5. Paolo X

    Could you all find out if he refers to himself in the third person too?

    /Seinfeld Nostalgia

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