Australian Open Final Liveblog

This is basically just a placeholder, and I’ll delete it when the liveblog goes up, but just a reminder that I will be liveblogging the Australian Open final, which is an epic matchup of Roger Federer v. Andy Murray, at 3:30 AM eastern time. See you there.



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8 responses to “Australian Open Final Liveblog

  1. Georger

    Oh I’m there. And I promise to be incredibly tore up and pantsless, in the spirit of Australia.

  2. tallguy

    jebus, can’t you just do a tape delayed blog?

  3. Andy Edwards

    Can’t wait for this. I’ve been on Murray all tournament long, because I have this odd fascination with British people. Can’t explain it. Whatever it is, he has a cool name.

  4. Jen

    Oh, I’ll be there. Can we get 2:45 wake-up calls for east coasters who may need a nap? 🙂

  5. Warden11

    11:08…counting beers….nope. Have fun men!

  6. Ummmmm….

    What’s the green fuzzy ball have to do with the big orange one?

    /is actually a tennis fan
    //just finished a 14 hour day though

  7. Federer leading by two sets – Murray fighting back in the third

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