Australian Open Live Blog: (Hopefully) Not Fucked Up Comments Edition

No idea what happened. Hopefully this picture of Marissa Miller will make it up to you.

3:49 – I think I know what went wrong. Thank god. Anyways, Federer is up a break in the 2nd set, and just looks in control

3:51 – I am planning on going out for breakfast/lunch/brunch later this morning. Any recommendations? Note I would like to spend as little money as possible.

3:56 – Murray digs out of love-40 to get to deuce. Could be a turning point hold if he comes through here.

4:00 – And there is said hold as we near the 90 minute mark.

4:03 – In real news, Obama is apparently cutting back NASA funding. A lot of people on my twitter feed are mad. I say it’s about damn time.

4;06 – Murray with a hold, but Federer now serves for what essentially is the match.

4:10 – And there it is. Federer takes set #2 6-4

4:15 – re. breakfast recommendations: none of our readers can read.

4:16 – It’s crumbling on Murray. He almost looks like he just wants to leave.

4:18 – Uh, now it’s deuce. Sorry, Britain.

4:22 – Comfortable hold by Murray. On serve in the 3rd set.

4:26 – I like Fowler’s work on college gameday, but he seems like a cock face doing tennis.

4:31 – Not gonna lie, I am fading rather fast. No worries though, I’ve done this 2 years in a row, I can do it again.

4:35 – Murray breaks Federer to go up 4-2 in the set.

4:37 – It’s weird that Scottish people are repping the Scottish flag and not the British flag. The shit happened like 700 years ago people. Brits are weirdos. Good thing we won the Revolutionary War.

4:41 – It’s amazing how one English chick can sound so hot, and the next sounds awful.

4:46 – I am really close to calling it a night. I am dying.

4:48 – Federer breaks, and we have a chance to get out of here in 3.

4:59 – Epic game here.

5:04 – Tiebreak. Murray wins the first 2 points.

5:07 – Couple ugly misses by each player, and we are back on serve.

5:09 – Murray up 5-4. Still on serve

5:11 – Murray has 2 set points

5:11 – Murray smashes one into the net and we are back on serve. Great returns by Fed.

5:13 – And Federer bones one to give Murray another set point.

5:14 – Murray had a rather easy put away for the set, and hit it out.

5:15 – And now it’s 8-7 Fed. Match point.

5:16 – Fed almost hit an epic shot for the title.

5:17 – Another set point for Murray.

5:18 – Wow what a drop shot by Federer. He is the master.

5:20 – Holy shit. There aren’t words to describe that point.

5:21 – Another set point for Murray. This tiebreak has woken me up so I don’t even care if he wins anymore.

5:22 – The 3rd match point for Fed

5:22 – 2nd serve: Not good for Murray

5:22 – And there it is. Congrats to Roger Federer for winning the Australian Open. It’s too bad that Murray took so long to get into the match or we might have had a battle on our hands.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by, and a special thanks to Franco and Billy Buckner for sticking until the end.

We’ll be back on Monday with your normal college roundball talk.



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108 responses to “Australian Open Live Blog: (Hopefully) Not Fucked Up Comments Edition

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  2. Test comment. Please work.

  3. marissa miller makes my pants get tight.

    /around the dick area
    //purposely explained a joke

  4. Billy Buckner

    Well played, madam.

  5. Billy Buckner

    Did he just even dare to use the phrase ‘Blue Balls?’ Asshat.

  6. Fetch what kinda fallout came from the Sportsnation site of the year? Are you and Beadle sexting yet? Facebook official? what’s the deal?

  7. Georger

    Mister Prime Minister! HEY ANDY!

  8. Bid Daddy Drew writes for Deadspin. His mailbag consists of letters about pooping and jerking.

  9. greatshatnersghost

    Fetch won free round trip airfare to scenic Lincoln, Nebraska where he and a friend will enjoy a $50 gift card to the ESPN Zone.

  10. Billy Buckner

    Apparently TBL is all fucked up, I can’t get my avatar to show up there ever, at least for the last 18 months. Good to go on every other WordPress site. Clearly Paolo’s fault.

    /Kidding, Paolo.

  11. Georger

    That veiny bitch needs to shut the fuck up before I come over there and fuck-start her head.

  12. I love reloading this page because that means I get to repeatedly stare at Marissa Miller and her pussy boner.

  13. Billy Buckner

    Found a bag of Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips.


  14. Georger

    Sounds like Andy Murray has Social Anxiety Disorder. Which doesn’t exist.


  15. I’m disappointed in you guys not giving me breakfast recommendations

  16. Billy Buckner

    I’ll say it: I would fuck the shit outta Chris McKendry.

    I find her oddly attractive.

  17. greatshatnersghost

    Is it bad that I’ve chosen “10 Things I Hate About You” over Mass Effect 2 right now?

  18. I really, really, really don’t want Murray to win this game.

  19. Billy Buckner

    I may in fact be a large part Scottish, but I still want Fed to win. My grandmom was not this annoying.

  20. Murray played like shit the first 2 sets ! He’s gonna force a 4th set now! what a total dickhead.

  21. Billy Buckner

    Probably yes, probably yes, no.

  22. I still don’t get how Federer didn’t score a better looking broad.

  23. gentlemen it’s been fun, but I can’t stay awake anymore. I’m dvr’ing this and not reading any websites when i wake up

  24. Billy Buckner

    Well enjoy the evening. I can’t wait to sleep after this is over in 10min.

  25. Billy Buckner


  26. msuspartan

    this tiebreak is unreal

  27. Billy Buckner

    I gotta agree.

  28. msuspartan

    can’t believe i’m still awake. only 5 hours until Man U v Arsenal..

  29. I’m out. Later gents. Thanks for coming.

  30. msuspartan

    great stuff to watch even though it was straight sets. chris fowler should be banned from any sport except basketball. he sucked. and Andre Miller dropped 52 on the Mavs, wtf?

  31. Oh yeah, and someone won our 1000th comment contest. I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

  32. Billy Buckner

    Well gentlemen, too bad Murray didn’t put up a fight until the end.

    Night, all. Thankfully, I don’t have to be up until 2pm.

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