Beadlemania Top 25

1. Kansas (3)

2. Syracuse

3. West Virginia

4. Kentucky

5. Villanova

6. Texas

7. Georgetown

8. Purdue

9. Michigan State

10. Duke

11. Kansas State

12. BYU

13. Ohio State

14. Wisconsin

15. Temple

16. Tennessee

17. Northern Iowa

18. Baylor

19. Georgia Tech

20. Butler

21. Vanderbilt

22. Gonzaga

23. New Mexico

24. Cornell

25. Florida State

Also receiving: Pitt, Maryland, Ole Miss

West Virginia 3rd surprised even me. I had them ranked high, higher than anyone else, but not 3rd. Can’t really defend that one to be honest.

Get this though: I actually had Kentucky ranked highest. Chew on that one for a second. It’s probably because John Wall has wised up and said he isn’t listening to Calipari. This should make them much better without him slowing them down.

Nothing else too out of the ordinary as far as I can see (maybe Temple as a top 15 team) but then again it’s past 1 in the morning and I am tired as all hell.

Air your grievances here.



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10 responses to “Beadlemania Top 25

  1. Fetch must have ranked Michigan State at like 22. Otherwise, I have no idea how they are at 9. And how the fuck is Villanova 5?

  2. tallguy

    I vote for more transparency…if the football coaches have to make their polls known, the blogosphere should be held to the same standard!

    /Duke sucks

  3. these rankings suck. i don’t believe it was fetch.

  4. Fetch had WVU and MSU too high and too low respectively. Threw off the whole thing.

    I will admit I had Kentucky 11th. They’re not that good and they play in a cupcake conference with a shit NCF schedule.

  5. Paolo4007

    I could care less about college basketball rankings, but each week I enjoy this post because I like when these three for their site get into it to mix it.

    Otherwise let’s continue to ignore all the homers who should just get lost in their town of Jerkwater in their state of Circlejerk and call Sportsnation from their local fuckin’ Wal-Mart instead of blogging. I bet most of them look like douches with unshaven facial hair other than moustaches too or a stupid-ass goatee. Moustaches are okay:

  6. SM

    FSU ranked is my beef at least over Maryland (or even Clemson who probably should get it over both)
    In fact the ACC bunch alone is an interesting one to think about between GT, Clemson, Maryland, FSU. Maryland has no marquee win.

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