Tuesday Night Open Thread

Sorry this is a half hour or so late, people. God forbid someone other than me do something around here.

Tonight we have a good old fashioned SEC/Big 10 double header. Going on right now is Ole Miss making the trek to Rupp to meet Ashley Judd and the Kentucky Wildcats. Since the SEC is awful and Kentucky is at home I am going to go with the Wildcats.

In the late game we have an appetizing Big 10 dessert as the two most consistent programs in the conference go at it when Michigan State visits the 2nd largest arena in college hockey (yes you read that right) the Kohl Center. It will be interesting to see how the Spartans, who struggle with turnovers on both ends, deal with Wisconsin, who never turn it over but never force any either. It is also a matchup of contrasting styles as Michigan State is traditionally the fastest team in the conference, where as Wisconsin is one of the slowest in the nation. I am going to go with the mini-upset and take the Badgers. When in doubt take the team whose hockey team is better. It’s science.



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10 responses to “Tuesday Night Open Thread

  1. BrianBridgePro

    Who are, 2 girls older then Fetch prefers,Alex

  2. Some if us have other things to do fetch. Like class. And watch LOST.

    I will write about the only conference that matters tomorrow. Go Badgers.

  3. Paolo X

    Fetch on a solid chick posting streak lately …keep it going don’t let anyone try to crimp your current style.

  4. Phew looks like I’m late,I brought some fondu…

    Oh, party’s already over?

  5. when I end my laziness streak

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