An Analysis: Bill Self’s Toupee

We felt it was time for a little levity at the old Beadlemaniacs.  I certainly hope the other writers make fun of my coach for being a terrible coach, first and foremost, but also for having a heart issue that is driving recruits to Northern Iowa and Iowa State.  We’re a football and wrestling school.  They should have to play basketball outdoors and only recruit 300 pound men so they have some sort of advantage.

So, in picture form, here is my analysis of Bill Self’s toupee and his “high-low” offense.  For the record, yes… I hate this man.  He screwed over Illinois.  I’m in the process of finding my “Go Fuck yourSelf, Bill” t-shirt, but it’s taking longer than I thought.

Enjoy and have a wonderful evening, fake internet friends.




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4 responses to “An Analysis: Bill Self’s Toupee

  1. DoJo with another good game. I’d like to credit this website for making me aware of him.

  2. B

    Bill left for a better job….deal with it.

  3. Rick Smith

    Bill Self left Illinois for a better basketball school……so you go and accuse him of wearing a toupee?


    Get over it. KU is a wayyyy better job. Anyone would have left Illinois for that. Anyone.

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