A(nother) Argument For SEC Player Of The Year. And It Isn’t That Guy You Think It Is

Last week Tomas Verde gave a very compelling argument as to why Devan Downey should be the SEC player of the year. Not being a fan of chuckers who don’t make shots, I would like to get on my soapbox for the most underappreciated player in the conference: Kentucky’s Patrick Patterson.

With all of the attention on John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and even Eric Bledsoe, you sometimes forget that Patterson is the best player on the team. It seems that his own coaching staff and teammates have forgotten it as well, as Patterson is 5th on the team in possessions used, and 4th in percentage of shots.

Patterson is the team’s most efficient player, with a 63.9% eFG and TS%, the former of which is 17th in the country. He has by far the lowest TO rate in terms of people who actually play, and he has shown the ability to block some shots, and plays good defense without fouling (1.8 fouls per 40, best on the team).

Patterson is the 2nd best rebounder on the team, which is actually impressive when you consider his increased time spent on the perimeter this season. He’s also shown to be a bit of a threat from three point land, knocking down 42% of his attempts, though he has taken just 31. As referenced by his eFG and TS% being the same, his free throw shooting has been a handicap.

Still, Patterson boasts an offensive rating of 132, which is good for 7th in the country.

He might not get the ink that his teammates do, but if Kentucky figures out that Patterson is their go to guy, they will be a scary team come March.



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3 responses to “A(nother) Argument For SEC Player Of The Year. And It Isn’t That Guy You Think It Is

  1. arkbadger

    how about some love for Mershawn Powell at Arkansas. i’m not saying player of the year by any means, but you want to talk about being overlooked? dude is averaging 15 and 7 on a team that is defenitally getting better as the season goes on, but doesn’t get talked about ever because of all the freshman love they get in lexington.

  2. greatshatnersghost

    /slow clap

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