Texas’s Highlight From Last Night

After losing at home to division rival Kansas last night, Texas sits in 5th in the Big 12, and if the season ended today wouldn’t even receive a bye in the conference tournament. Quite a fall from the team everyone was calling the best around less than a month ago.

Texas still sits in 12th in the Pomeroy ratings, but the Longhorns cannot score at all, scoring less than a point per possession in 5 of their last 7 games, and suffering through a 22-0 run last night. The problem seems to hinge on guard Dogus Balbay, who seems to be a slightly worse version of  Doug Gottlieb. Defenders can sag off Balbay, knowing he can’t and won’t shoot, which allows them to focus on Damion James and the like.

Of course, Balbay isn’t killing them as much as Jordan Hamilton. The Freshman’s eFG sits under 50%, yet when he is in he takes nearly 30% of the teams shots, highest on the team.

Oh well, at least they’ll always have this .gif of Brady Morningstar.



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5 responses to “Texas’s Highlight From Last Night

  1. tallguy

    I still don’t understand why I watched that entire game last night. It was clear halfway through the first half that Texas had no way of beating Kansas.

    Still doing open thread tomorrow?

  2. Paolo X

    Can someone translate the video clip for us basketball who are not experts on the rules who have never seen such a thing from the free throw line — even in awful CYO ball? Bizarre.

    Is it within the rules to release the ball like that at the free throw line, catch it, and then shoot it anyway? I thought it was only allowed to be in one fluid motion. I know in the run-of-play that would be a travel.

    Did he make the shot anyway and if so, did it count all the same? If no to the latter, what a douche.

    • Paolo –

      You can do what he did as far as it slipping and him shooting, but it was illegal because his foot was over the plane of the free throw line before he released the ball.

      He missed the shot; he said it slipped because the ball was wet.

  3. I just got the new banner design e-mailed to me.

    You guys are gonna love it.

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