Beadlemania Top 25

1. Kansas (3)

2. Syracuse

3. Kentucky

4. Purdue

5. Georgetown

6. West Virginia

7. Villanova

8. Kansas State

9. Duke

10. Wisconsin

11. Michigan State

12. Ohio State

13. Tennessee

14. Butler

15. BYU

16. Baylor

17. Texas

18. New Mexico

19. Northern Iowa

20. UNLV

21. Gonzaga

22. Georgia Tech

23. Temple

24. Xavier

25. Vanderbilt

Also receiving votes: Cornell, Pitt, Florida State

For some reason my spreadsheet got deleted so I don’t have any cool facts for you guys. I do know that I voted Cornell the highest, but that’s about it.

Also, this poll is based on games through Monday, hence Texas’s low ranking but Michigan State staying relatively high. Although I’m not too sure how much to dock them since they lost without their best player.



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6 responses to “Beadlemania Top 25

  1. So how many points does UNC lose by tonight? The spread has them at +6, but they got beat to shit by UVA. Do they lose by 15+ again?

    • Hmm. I’m not sure, I mean it is a rivalry game so it could be close.

      I’ll probably take a closer look in the open thread, but I don’t think it gets much over 10.

  2. Durell Summers and Raymar Morgan can go fuck themselves.

  3. Ed Davis is gone after this year , right? I bet he wishes he would of just gone pro instead of enduring this awful season.

    • tallguy

      Ol’ Roy told him he wasn’t a lottery lock, even though he would’ve gone top 5.

      People say Roy’s strength is his recruiting…I say it’s convincing kids to stay 1 season longer than they should. Oh, and sicking the cops on Lawson was a brilliant move.

  4. Lts55

    Texas sucks, Spartans rock. Even without Lucas

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