Wednesday Open Thread

At the beginning of the season, it was thought to be one of the biggest CBB nights of the season. But scuffles by UConn, and a disaster of a season by North Carolina, have put a small damper on tonight.

Syracuse, the #3 team in the Pomeroy Ratings, looks to have an easy time with UConn at the surface, but if UConn can knock down some threes (which they haven’t done well) and get some offensive rebounds (which they have done well) they have a chance to beat the Orange, since Syracuse is abysmal at forcing turnovers. So is UConn, and Syracuse doesn’t turn it over too much, so there shouldn’t be a ton of empty possessions tonight. I’m takin the Cuse by 15 at home.

The night cap is Duke vs. some other team. Duke has shot the three well this year and not turned it over, staples for Duke teams, but they also have hit the offensive glass really well this year, 10th in the country. Carolina meanwhile has really struggled at the guard position. Larry Drew II or III or IV or V or whatever it is has played terribly this year. He does get quite a few assists, but turns it over like crazy. Meanwhile Carolina doesn’t turn their opponent over very often. I expect Jon Scheyer to have a great game, vaulting him back into the National POY race. Duke by 1o on the road.



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10 responses to “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. tallguy

    Duke’s going to lose, because it’s a road game so they won’t get all the calls like they get in Cameron and in neutral sites.

    Also, Roy Williams is an excellent coach, but his players just won’t listen to him because they don’t care at all. But they do care about beating Duke, so that’s why they’ll actually play up to their talent (b/c Roy always brings in the best talent) and beat those Dookies.

    Also, that Presbyterian fan was drunk and yelling the N word, and Haitians aren’t feeling as bad about the earthquake as Roy is feeling about losing basketball games. Oh, and Coach K is a potty mouth, but Roy is a saint who would never cuss out a sideline reporter or drop an f bomb during a live press conference.

  2. Will Graves HIT THAT FROM THE PARKING LOT !!!!!!

    /Gus Johnson’d

  3. lotta blocks. Lotta O rebounds tonight

  4. tallguy

    fuck what a shitty game.

  5. Paolo X

    Yes. No. No. No.

    And nasty porno style with TLC at the core for sake of initiation and fine education too. 😀

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