Nothin But ‘Net

Nothin But ‘Net is our ever so often look around the internets. Enjoy.

The most important statistic in bball (The Only Colors)

Our very own Fetch predicts the medal winners for every Olympic event (starting tomorrow!) (Olympic Sports Blog)

Taking a look at some potential #1 overall seeds (Rock Chalk Talk)

There are a few fanbases who will be pissed at RTC for this post (Rush The Court)

In case you missed it yesterday, Jim Calhoun has returned from his leave of absence. (The UConn Blog)

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for the Tar Heels… Ed Davis out six weeks (Observations from Above the Rim)

Former Oklahoma State coach Sean Sutton busted for drugs (Tulsa World)

Not college basketball related, but “Pistol” Pete Maravich delivered some pwnsauce in HORSE back in the day (Josh Q. Public)

Sports Illustrated showing DoJo some love? You know I had to include this article: (Sports Illustrated)



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5 responses to “Nothin But ‘Net

  1. mrejr8234

    picture doesnt work and where is the banneR tHat i wAs pRomisED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!111!one!!!111eleventy!?!?!

    • The new banner will be up when the new site is up and running.

      • Paolo X

        Might I give an advance congratulations on the new site? It is not as if you guys have not been at it for months eh?

        And is Fetch taking off mostly these two weeks from basketball for the Olympics to cheer also for Norway?

        I can’t wait for the Olympic hockey to start but I hope whatever is not on TV will be available online somehow.

        • Thanks.

          Fetch will be sparsely seen around here for the next couple of weeks due to his Olympic blog, so I will be steppin’ my game up. Don’t know if I can say the same about SC, that lazy bum.

          /busting chops

          • Paolo X

            Tomas, Souvenir, please relay to Fetch to call please on the Norwegian gods or his connections in weather manipulation in the government or whoever to send some damn snow to Vancouver …no damn justice this year with record snow here on the East Coast …all we have on TV is this ice skating and other bullshit …no downhill skiing now and no hockey or bobsled until later …why are Olympic sport schedules so fucked up!?

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